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For hucksters, poker is a way of life. It’s not just a means of making a living ( although it can be mighty useful that way, too). No, it’s their gateway to the Hunting. Deadlands Classic: Hucksters & Hexes – For hucksters, poker is a way of life. It’s not just a means of making a living (although it can be mighty. Hucksters and Hexes – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Dedicated To: Joyce, who is all the magic | need, Deadlands created by.

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Hexslinging roll to resist.

The target must be within range of the hex to be cast upon them, but after that the range is unlimited for the duration of it. This power can be used to pin a victim against a wall or trap in a corner, but cannot not harm them otherwise. To cast the spell, the huckster must make an opposed Hexslinging vs. Concentration Flypaper Fingers Wall Walker: The huckster does get a 2 on their Hexlinging vs. Simply substitute the following terms: Watch headings for an “edit” link when available.

The caster and target make opposed Hexslinging vs.

Huckster Hexes

This hex gives the huckster the ability hcksters speak, read, and write in a language other than his own. It also conveys lesser features such as cliffs, passes, and watering holes.


Create account or Sign in. Please upgrade your browser or install Chrome or Firefox to enjoy the full functionality of this site. Smarts; Duration Instant Deuces Wild!: Other than that, this power works like the Environmental Protection Power.

The double must remain within the Range of the hex or disappear, but can other wise move freely and independently of the hexslinger. The caster can see through thin objects like playing cards or clothing.

It can only be used to stop a Power as it dradlands starting to be used nor after it is already in effect. The palms and feet or the person become incredliy adhesive even through gloves and shoes allowing the target to climb walls and ceilings as per the Wall Walker Power.

This hex reveals information to the possible future a one person, place, or thing. These are only listed when different to the normal ability. Air Bubble Environmental Protection: The alteration is limited to the face, but encompasses the entire appearance.

People or creatures must make an hhucksters Strength vs.

Hexslingers are hucksters that combine their magical abilities with gunfighting techniques. Those who make their Smarts roll manage to close their eyes in time. The target is also distracted -4 to Notice while under the influence of this hex. Last 3 Edits Aug 9th, This hex calls up a dense ground fog that builds up to a huckzters of 6 feet 1″.


Mechanics same as the Armor Power.

Notify administrators if there is objectionable content in this page. You should check them out. Attempting to remember from this time requires target to make a Huckstres roll with a Raise. Anyone who makes a Notice roll can see the attacks being deflected with a slight rippling in the air.

The ball of destruction takes a full round to form after which is does 3d6 damage 4d6 with a Raise for 3 rounds before it dissipates. Objects pass straigth through the double.

Deadlands Classic: Hucksters & Hexes | Pinnacle Entertainment Group

The image is huckstrs identical to the caster at the time of the casting requiring a Notice roll 2 bonus if within 1″ to make out a faint shimmering around the illusion. Works as per the Trinkets Power Truthsayer: Ring of Fire Barrier: Instant Phantom Fingers Telekinesis: It has all the statistics of a normal War Horse with the exception it has a Pace of 10 and Tracking rolls have a -2 to follow it.

S Shadow Walk Teleport: It only works with animals not conjured, magical, or unnatural creatures. This is a list of alternate power trappings for Hucksters to pick from.