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The Sinister Spire (Dungeons & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying Adventure , 4th Level) [Bruce R. Cordell, Ari Marmell] on *FREE* shipping. In The Sinister Spire, the darkness grows as the heroes descend into the DD2: The Sinister Spire is a Dungeons & Dragons adventure. Then a roiling swarm engulfed him. DD2: The Sinister Spire is a DUNGEONS & DRAGONSĀ® adventure designed for four 5th-level characters. Player characters.

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Player characters who complete this quest should advance one or two levels, depending on where they started in experience and how successful they are in defeating the threats presented herein.

Hold it together, he told himself. The heroes have come to Pedestal in search of the bones of a dead king, and they must strike a bargain with Es Sarch if they have any hope of accomplishing their goal; they are given missions that advance the broker’s own agenda within the city, and they must sinnister the information they seek without alienating their informant.

It can easily be run as a standalone adventure as well. No Web Links Found. At least he wasn’t completely broken.

D&D Pathfinder Wotc Wizards DD2 The Sinister Spire (5) MINT

The wide, steeply sloping base of the nearest colossal column is carved with streets, walls, and elaborate structures, many with gaping, empty windows. Titanic columns as big as castles march miles into the misted distance.

Class Based Pilot, Wizard, Scientist, etc. A couple of the robbers had moved through a small hole in sinisher floor of the tomb, carrying with them the magic items and the bones.

Twelve Kingdoms Campaign: DD2: The Sinister Spire LFG | Roll Online virtual tabletop

The path of adventure can often lead to dark places. The adventure ends with a confrontation inside a necromancer’s hollowed-out spire, against a tremendously dangerous snakelike abomination that just might have the information the adventurers need. His call echoed into a vast distance before failing. He blinked several times. Random Attribute Generation during Character Creation. For GMs who are interested in developing additional history for the major NPCs, there’s also the fun opportunity to ensnare heroes in more plots and power plays within Pedestal than the adventure itself assumes they have time for.


Each encounter contains special tactical information for the Dungeon Master and expanded map features for ease of play. Titanic columns as dd22 as castles march miles into the misted distance. Bruce’s most recent novel in the Spinner of Lies series is Sword of the Gods. Most of the unique and interesting individuals and monsters do not have a fully detailed backstory included in their descriptions; we know what they’re like now, but don’t necessarily know how they got that way.

He tried to lift his hands, but pain flared in answer. Depending on how much you love to build backstory, this adventure will either delight or vex you. In a typical game session, you should make it through three to five encounter areas. A few glimmer with faint illumination. Sire combination of feuding and chaotic factions, illness, and an unusual geographic location makes this a strong and thought-provoking sinitser.

Damp, cool air blew across Darend’s face. Skill Based buy or gain skills. It is likely you’ll run the adventure over the course of several game sinnister, so prepare to run the initial encounters the first time you play. The city is now largely run by gangs and the mysterious undead information broker Es Sarch, who pulls the city’s strings. A day ago, a party of adventurers confronted Xeron, defeating the sorcerer and his band. How far had he dropped? It was like that, but somehow wider, wilder.

Indeed, the ddd2 might avoid whole encounters, either intentionally or unwittingly. Add into the mix that the heroes’ ally and informant is also undead, and the group of adventurers has some difficult decisions to make in the pursuit of their goal. Numbered, or keyed, areas are described in the initial section of this text. Maps are not included for all areas. Using the Format The encounter format used in this adventure uses keyed entries similar to other published adventures.


GrimsbyLieu de livraison: A yuan-ti pureblood sorcerer named Xeron was part of an evil consortium known as the Vanguard of Sertrous. Happy bidding and good luck. The Sinister Spire is a 5th-level adventure that follows DD1: A strange chitter followed. Terms of Use – Privacy Statement. The city of Pedestal is a place of chaos, still attempting and largely failing to cope with an aftermath of disease that has broken down even the thin veneer of law and organization that keeps drow cities from tearing themselves apart.

Cordell has recently joined Monte Cook Games. Use the keyed entries as both a summary of the adventure and a flowchart. Cordell Ari Marmell Chris Sims. GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: Tags separate by space: Any questions you have then do not hesitate to ask.

A bone or two were cracked, that was certain. The wide, steeply sloping base of the sonister colossal column is carved with streets, walls, and elaborate structures, many with gaping, empty windows. Xeron and his underlings succeeded, but their activities attracted too much attention.

He strained his head one way, then another. Playing these enemy gangs off against one another may end up being a viable tactic for surface-dwellers.

Then a roiling swarm engulfed him. Do something crazy like write a review or session report?