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On Overcome, Nevue includes his arrangements of five hymns and praise songs as well as ten new Treasure Falls, Purchase on iTunes · Add Sheet Music. LOL: A customer just ordered sheet music for my composition “Treasure Falls” from my web site and here was the comment he added to his order. “I’m ordering. Treasure Falls official lyrics by David Nevue: David Nevue Treasure Falls song lyrics. David Nevue · Treasure Falls; lyrics. Treasure Falls David Nevue sheet.

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Butterflies are such carefree creatures.

An early recording of this song was released in on a short-run CD called Foreshadows. That melody stuck with me This album really feels like a capstone. Like the final icing on a falps Nevue” cake. Advice to an Aspiring Pianist and Composer For the Beauty of the Earth is a hymn arrangement and the first of four “cover songs” on the album. The key to this composition working at all are the dynamics.

As for Butterfly Danceduring a visit to Yellowstone, I watched a butterfly dance its way around a dozen boiling, steaming mud pits. When our family visited the Badlands in South Dakota, dragonflies flitted about everywhere, zipping to and fro. Lewis’ book, “The Screwtape Letters. The composition was part of a musical Passion Play that I performed on a few occasions for Easter and Lent. An abandoned church in Locust Grove, OR. I have always been rather prolific when it comes to writing music.

Haunting, galls and pensive. I liked what I came up with so much, I just had to keep working on it. It’s got a little edge to it. Interview with David Nevue: Swirling and intense, it’s a real finger-twister! Songs from that “stockpile” finally started to see the light of day in when I announced A Delicate Joya cheerful album of light, bright music. Each day that we have is a gift from God.


A fitting finale for the album, I think. It’s been a long, long labor of love. It’s those remaining compositions plus a few new ones that now make up this album, Open Sky. Forgotten Places takes me back a few years to when I took my family on a self-guided tour of abandoned churches and ghost towns in Eastern Oregon.

Two flying creatures, two very different moods. That sums it up. What do you think it is that sustains your energy?

Twister is a real challenge to perform. While I’ve never been partial to this particular song, I sure enjoy playing this arrangement.

David Nevue’s Blog – The Life of a Solo Piano Artist

And since I believe God designed me specifically to do these things, I feel like these things are a part of my “purpose. So as God’s artwork, I think we are happiest when we do the things He crafted us to do.

I thought that was the perfect image for it. Undertow was composed in and was originally part of a soundtrack I wrote on synthesizer for a theater production of C. No matter where I am in life or how busy I am, I can’t seem to stop the flow nevje new material that comes bursting from my soul.

David Nevue Sheet Music Downloads from “David Nevue – Overcome” at

I see myself as a servant of the Most High King Only a few copies of that CD were ever made, so if you happen to own one, treasure it.

We all got out of the car and marveled at the starry, starry sky.

As you walk among the empty, broken buildings, you can almost feel the weight of time. At that point, I decided to try recording the song. The tune was originally called Nails as it represents Jesus’ dark afternoon on the cross.


“Treasure Falls” Sheet Music

It’s nice to know that I am perceived this way. And so, now that we are only a month or so out before many of you begin to hear the music, I thought I would share the liner notes with you Check out Ephesians 2: How Do I Do it All?

Echo Canyon is the newest piece on this collection, written just a week before I went into the studio to record this album. How do you have so much energy? That picturesque moment stayed with me. As for Summer Rainit reminds me of my time living in Colorado, and those summer afternoon storms that would quickly appear, pour down rain and lightning, and then disappear all in the space of about an hour.

To sum it up And if I fall down on one particular day more days than I likeI just start over again the next one, because God’s mercies are new every morning But the longer I live, and the more of my life that I have lived, the more I look back and see how God used everything even what I perceived as bad to bring me to where I am now The Best of David Nevue: And doing that requires an heart of thankfulness