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Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. A Voyage to Arcturus [David Lindsay] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A Voyage to Arcturus is a novel by the Scottish writer David Lindsay. A Voyage to Arcturus [David Lindsay] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Scottish writer David Lindsay first published this novel in

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A Voyage to Arcturus, by David Lindsay

I was about to throw the book away but Lindsay managed to turn it around somehow. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Tolkien read the work with “avidity” and clearly Frodo’s struggle with the ring and his Lindsay’s novel like so many tales of fantasy and science fiction is a quest for the answers to life’s mysteries.

I’m so happy to finally get a copy of this gorgeous Savoy edition of this confounding book! What is the relation of what we feel to what actually is?

A fave among such diverse writers as J. The book’s photographs present a conventional, pipe-puffing late-Edwardian gent, at ease in a domesticated English landscape. Lindsay’s novel like so many tales of fantasy and science fiction is a quest for the answers to life’s mysteries.

When our hero wakes on the planet, he is alone and has inexplicably gained the function of several new appendages. I can see the resemblances already but am intrigued by the story. The stairs must have a magnetic pull of some sort.

He was brought up in London and Jedburgh in the Scottish borders. I found A Voyage to Arcturus to be a long, slow, strange journey, but on the whole it’s one I’m glad to have taken: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

At one point I even began to wonder if all of the typos, a ridiculous amount really, were added intentionally in service to this disturbing, surreal, “off” feel that the book exudes from the very beginning. From the first magnifying window he sees Arcturus again.


Review: A Voyage to Arcturus by David Lindsay | Books | The Guardian

He eagerly takes up on the voyage and is transported to the other realm; what ensues is a fantastic philosophical debate on the nature of good and evil, the role of existence, and the true nature of man. Corpang has come to Threal to follow Thire, and leads Maskull to three statues of these divinities.

His inner debates are enhanced by the rapid pace, visual power and logic of the narrative. The entire lake convulses and explodes. All of the characters and lands are types used to convey the author’s critique of several philosophical systems. Maskull’s hunt for Krag and Nightspore takes him across ethereal, ghastly dreamscapes where cruel men, loving women and intellectual monsters ponder the duality of God, the meaning of self-sacrifice, and the purpose of existence.

The alienness of atmosphere

The story of exploration doesn’t really have any action as such as one encounter after another isn’t enough artcurus make me want to continue. Did Lindsay go mad after writing Voyage to Arcturus? So I went and read it, and let me say for starters that this book was an experience I’ll never forget.

The first land that the protagonist comes to, he feels advid affection for his hosts, but that feeling is amorphous. I really did try. May 28, Arcthrus Tramdack rated it really liked it. Maskull initially treats the proposal as a joke, but accepts it when Krag shows him, with a small but strangely heavy and potent lens, that Arcturus consists of two suns. David Lindsay was a Scottish author now most famous for the philosophical science fiction novel A Voyage to Arcturus. After the war ended inhe moved to Cornwall with his wife to write.

Breadth is the surface which shows us in what manner one thing of what-is, lives with another thing. The scope and direction of Voyage to Arcturus reminded me of Stapledom’s Starmaker, with some unsettling Lovecraftian undertones thrown in Mar 01, Graham Worthington rated it vyage was amazing.

See the Supernatural TV s A man takes an interstellar journey to discover truths of the spirit. Next thing we know, his magn has become a tough third arm, which can reach out towards other people and suck the life from their bodies. Occasionally he glimpses Krag and Nightspore ahead, and learns of a being variously called Surtur, Crystalman or Shaping, who might be God.


His momentary loss of interest and her inability to xrcturus him from his trance causes Sullenbode to die. His stones help propel his craft: The alterations in the aspect of the sky seemed to possess not the least interest for him. These passages are assumed lost forever. I have luck — and with that one can balance the universe.

Perceiving that the others drank, Maskull tossed off his cupful. Retrieved 17 March And, of course, it’s fun reading a book that someone else I “know” enjoyed so much. It is not a plot-driven book, in that if one reads looking for cause and effect, action and reaction, it will probably be a disappointment.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Unbelieving at first, he is eventually convinced to see go along with him. Maskull, a man longing for adventures, accepts an invitation from Krag, an acquaintance of his friend Nightspore, to travel to Tormance after a seance.

New Edition Marketing Research. But, as Moore insists, Lindsay’s engrossing book, a mixture of metaphysics and surreal dream-quest, stands as linrsay of the great originals. Arcturus is a device, a metaphysical stage, arrived at through mediumship, not spacecraft.

Trivia About A Voyage to Arcturus. So how am I in the middle? Krag threw the knife on the floor. Maskull reawakes and proceeds to the shore of the Sinking Sea, from which Swaylone’s Island can be seen. That sort of thing.