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Best Evidence has ratings and 26 reviews. Pete said: I have to take my hat off to David S. Lifton. The author was just a UCLA Physics student in ‘ 27 Oct KTSA radio host Jack Riccardi speaks with DAVID LIFTON who discusses what is the best evidence we have in the JFK assassination. 1 Nov The Paperback of the Best Evidence: Disguise and Deception in the Assassination of John F. Kennedy by David S. Lifton at Barnes & Noble.

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Lifton argues that the conspirators who killed Kennedy got possession of Kennedy’s body somewhere between Dallas and Washington, then removed his brain and otherwise altered his body and wounds to support a single-gunman theory.

As crowded as the field of books on this subject has grown, this book remains unique in a number of ways. I found it interesting at the timed and had fun diving into the questions and unknowns, but I eventually donated my copy as it’s just not something I feel compelled to keep on my shelf. Look, this liifton have been the best researched book I’ve ever read.

Liebler believed the findings of the Warren Report, Lifton did not. Sep 05, Linda rated it it was amazing. The first people to see JFK after he was shot was the doctors at Parkland and what did they say about where the bullit must of hit his head. I have been engrossed and amazed, through seven hundred pages, in such detailed forensic pathology and tenacious investigative work from a dropped out Physics student, working on a shoestring to uncover Secret Service deceptions that Government Commissions and Committees, costing millions of dollars have failed to question.

DAVID LIFTON discusses evidence we have on the JFK assassination

He uncovers huge differences between the Warren Commission evidence, FBI evidence and the different autopsy reports. He spoke to me of the casket swap with tears streaming down his face. It took me weeks to get through it, but that’s because it made me think on every page, and often look back to previous pages to reread previous evidence.


I now fully understand his forty year pain. This is Lifton’s premise regarding the Kennedy assassination. Jun 01, Tom Gase rated it liked it. David Lifton’s skilled analysis leads to one irrefutable conclusion: Trivia About Best Evidence.

Lifton introduced himself to Liebler and the two began a frequent colloquy on the facts of the assassination. According to a Los Angeles Times article about Mr.

Assassination of John F. Who can judge the truth of it, but fascinating nonetheless! If you are dedicated to the JFK case and have not read this book, it is a must. It would take lifhon a little while longer to learn to distrust every single thing the government tells me, but David Lifton definitely succeeded in convincing me that the truth about the JFK assassination was not to be found in the Efidence Report.

Assassination rifle Timeline J. Vest rated it it was amazing Dec 14, This book is about the author 19s process of doing research and investigation into the Kennedy Assassination. United States Government Printing Office. How do you explain reports of a hearse delivering a plain casket with JFK in a body bag vs. A bizarre new Kennedy assassination theory”.

DAVID LIFTON discusses evidence we have on the JFK assassination | KTSA

Windows of opportunity to do what Lifton suggests happened to the dead president. Common Sense and Occam’s Razor shall prevail over Best Evidence in the end, or at least, one hopes so. I sat by the hotel pool with an ex U. A successful conspiracy, therefore, requires less than a handful of people to control the primary source of evidence. Best Evidence by David S. It’s a very logical and detailed deconstruction of the record surrounding those few days when the autopsy was performed at Bethesda Naval Hospital.

Perhaps he had read Lifton’s book. Mar 04, Alison rated it really liked it.

Part of the story is how he gets pulled into more research the more he found. Fascinating, well-written, and utterly terrifying. This is not for the meek. Thomas Powers gave a critical review of the book in New York magazine stating: I think there was a conspiracy at the highest levels of government to eliminate Kennedy, and I think the masterminds behind it would have gone to any length – even evidemce an unimaginable one as body alteration – to get the job done.


I had just moved to Saudia Arabia, where I learned the English language bookstores had limited selections. This is the hardest book I’ve ever read. What is great about this book is Lifton’s personal slant on how the mystery of the assassination gripped him and took over his life almost. There is fantastic documentation into the Warren Commission, who set it up, who was involved, who actually did the work and who made the final decision about what was published.

As ofLifton lived in West Los Angeles where he was working full-time on a major written work about Oswald entitled Final Charade. Kennedy’s assassination, unnamed bsst on Air Force One removed Kennedy’s body davdi its original bronze casket and placed it in a shipping casket, while en route from Dallas to Washington.

I give “Best Evidence” my highest recommendation! A well written, unputdownable book. Jul 24, Dick Baldwin rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Liftob think I picked this up at the library during the 25th anniversary week of Kennedy’s assassination. That was the impetus of his work. Foreign dignitaries Burial oifton and Eternal Flame.

All these years later, Best Evidence remains a must-read for those searching for the truth about the events that took place in Dealey Plaza almost fifty years ago. Lifton has constructed a theory so eviddnce, so quirky, in such violation of every law of common sense and reason.

It quickly became a passion that interrupted and eventually ended his graduate studies it’s pretty difficult to go through the 26 nonindexed volumes of evidence in the Warren Report while pursuing a graduate degree in physics.