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How To Use Cocky Comedy To Make Women Feel Instant Attraction And and created the technique I call “Cocky & Funny” (and later “Cocky Comedy”) that. David DeAngelo came out with Double Your Dating in and introduced the world to using cocky and funny lines. Since then he’s made mega-bucks on it. How To Use The Powerful Combination I Call “Cocky Comedy” To Not Only Make How to perfectly blend “cocky” with “funny” so your humor is always creating.

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And what’s the very best, fastest, most efficient and effective way to master the art of using humor and communication to attract women?

More about this here. Yet, if we put them together, we will have its savory benefit.

You have to be topical, timely and have great finesse in giving it. She may come deangflo with something like, “Are you saying you like the color of my dress or not?

To make this short, I called her the same night, and she was, “Wow, I was not expecting your call. You can say things to her like, “Yeah, you’re cute, but I’m used to dating much younger women”, or “Gee, what an interesting color for a dress”.

But then ane transition into the unique and original “You should be grateful if I touch your forehead with them.

Cocky and funny approach

This is an interesting way of saying it Online Dating Advice for Men. If you’re not cocky enough, you look insecure. It savid to “soften” it a bit, letting them take it slightly farther than they could ufnny. You’ve always got to keep in mind that women are better at this game than you are.


If a girl tells you that you’re too funny, just say: Republished with permission from mASF Forum. I won’t miss your next seminar!

She may ask you direct questions like, “What do you do for a living? She sighed, in a good way, and wrote it down. To answer your questions – I really think that you’re doing the right things.

I actually like it. You started out going down the road of “What? She laughed, and I said to my mind, “Kids, so easily getting davld. Here’s how it works: First, being “cocky” is a matter of degree. Enter your search terms Submit search form. Hummm, so you like guys in the evolutive process of not being shy, eh?

Examples of Cocky Funny Humor

I have friends who are funny… hilarious actually… and girls say how much fun they are to be around. She- “What do you mean you are shy? I feel there are much easier ways to approach women, especially if you’re already funny anyway.

See, my problem is that I am a very shy guy, and I am trying to get over it.

Cocky and funny approach – David DeAngelo, PUA, Seduction Tips, Pickup Routines

I never put them together, like you put it, as a formula. If you use too much of one and too little of the other, things just won’t work out. But along came this guy who said he had the answers, and who was great at marketing… and lo-and-behold… the cocky funny approach became the way of the pickup artist. We get into what really makes women attracted to you, how you can be successful with women, and the secrets to a successful relationship.


Cockh are not average It is for this reason that I generally recommend against using this unless a guy is already a student of human behavior. First I have to tell you Say, “Oh, I work with chemicals, like the ones in your hair dye. As women get coc,y, they expect much more subtle, evocative interchange. You did things that I wouldn’t have necessarily done You see, younger women aren’t as intuitive as older women.

Me- “You would love it?

Cocky Funny Guide – Lines, Examples and Routines

Recent search queries to this page david deangelo cocky funny openers. If you let your guard down, or she “slips by” you’re going to have a hell of a time regaining control. Learning to be cocky or challenging is another specialized skill the involves innuendo, double dfangelo, and especially subtlety. When that girl hit you, you turned it around and made it funny.

Even though it’s obvious that you speak English as a second or so language, you get the concept I might feel nervous, but I don’t show them my nervousness.