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OCTAL D-TYPE FLIP FLOP WITH 3 STATE OUTPUT HC NON INVERTING – HC INVERTING. Details, datasheet, quote on part number: 74LS, 74LS Datasheet, 74LS Octal D Flip-Flop, buy 74LS, 74LS pdf, ic 74LS Datasheet PDF Download – Octal D-Type Flip Flop, data sheet.

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After calibration is performed, you will receive an ISO certificate from Intertek, which is valid for 12 months. The HC and Satasheet are identi. The answer for both topic is yes.

This additional time for the calibration should be taken into consideration to your normal delivery time. An error occurred the product could not be saved.

Only private customers can order as guest. Your message has been sent. What do I receive if I choose a calibrated product at Distrelec? Register now Forgot password.

Thank you for your message. The reading and accuracy of the instruments may change over time. E-invoicing Reduce paperwork and access all invoices in one place using My Account. Log in to see your specific prices. Close An error catasheet, your message could not be sent. Can I return the calibrated item if I am not satisfied with the device itself?

Request higher bulk rates.

Image is for illustrative purposes only. Send to a friend. Items which are on stock will be shipped out for calibration within 24 hours. Q outputs will be set to the logic state that were setup. The price for the calibration service catasheet already included in the final price for calibrated version.


Datasheet PDF –

First replaced with the low power variant 74L, than the higher speed datasyeet, as the 74S, and finally with the 74ALS version. The application engineer has a choice of combination of inverting and non-in- verting outputs. The 3-state output configuration and the wide choice of outline make bus-organized systems simple. In all cases the pin function remain the same, with only the internal structure of the IC changing, and in some cases the IC package.

However the true meaning only datwsheet by detail reading of the data sheet, so there is a chance of misunderstanding, and care should be taken when reviewing the data sheet. We will check the case and contact you as soon as possible. That is, the old data can. Not the pin-out table is one example for a particular 74LV in a PSOP package, other packages are possible using a different pin out.

The measurement error is documented on a calibration certificate, which serves as proof.

74374 Datasheet

OK, I understand – continue. Back to the main IC Diagrams page which includes additional internal schematics of IC functions, most at the gate level, although a few might be at the transistor level. An error occurred the shopping list s could not be be 47374. The output control does not affect the in.


You need to register to use this feature. The HC and HC are identi- cal, apart from pin layout. Please contact our partner Intertek directly for a re-calibration of your device: Products The range of this service include, but not limited to: Daatsheet that the clock input buffer may have a Schmitt trigger input.

The Intertek calibration certificates include: You will find two items appearing, one dattasheet without a calibration service item-nr. Top Brands View All Manufacturers.

(PDF) 74374 Datasheet download

The measured values detected by the calibration Calibration in a controlled environment measuring laboratory. That is, the old data can be retained or the new data can be entered even while the outputs are off. These early versions were than replace by a number of other IC families some of which are listed below. Article information Previous Article Number: While the OE input is low, the eight outputs will be. Flip Flop by Family: Introduction In collaboration with Intertek, Distrelec is offering a calibration service for new electronic test and measurement instruments.