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Datacard® i and /P/ Card. Personalization Systems: Guide for Use with ID Works. Software. Legal Notices. Conventions Used in this Library. Get Datacard Group I Printer User Manual. Get all Datacard Group manuals!. The Datacard® i card personalization system delivers embossed ATM, debit and credit cards in less than a Exception/manual card feed. Locked cabinet.

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Page 29 Printing in a Windows EnvironmentYou manage print jobs on your Datacard printer in exactly the same way youmanage other print jobs in Windows.

Or point us to the URL where the manual is located. In most cases you should select No.

The current Protocol setting appears. Be sure to allow a margin of at least0.

Decimal values 00through 31 hexadecimal values 00 through 1F are non-printing controlcodes. Page 18 Setting Supervisor Configuration Options1. Embossing and Indent Type by Printer The most common error occurs when embossed fonts are not positioned correctly ona card. Tell us about it. In the characters list, select the row you want to change.

Printing in a Windows Environment. Page 30 The Port Name dialog box appears. Restoring Default Spool SettingsNormally, the spool settings need not be changed.

Click the Finish button. This chapter provides information for adjusting the i. Page 22 The text fonts shown in Table 2 are available in point sizes 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 18, 24,and Tell us what’s missing. Component Identification The follow bulle. Select whether you want Windows to use your Datacard printer as the defaultprinter. H or abovex Rev.



After datzcard seconds, the driver files will be on your system. Service manuals, schematics, documentation, programs, electronics, hobby The error message will appear both on the printer andon the computer screen. Ddatacard prompted for an access code, press F2 and then F1.

Click the Edit button. Page 21 Printer FontsThe printer driver for Windows 95 and 98 uses two types of fonts: This chapter provides general theory of operation for the i. Embossed fonts can be placed anywhere on a card, except for the marginarea, which varies by printer.

Setting up an additional port in this waytells Windows to use a software component called a Port Monitor for printing toyour Datacard printer. Use the following procedure to select the printer fonts and complete the softwaresettings1. All unauthorized use and reproduction is prohibited. A or aboveA 2xx printer with the following firmware: Torx is 150u registered trademark of Textron.

Press F3 to choose Set Up. In the characters list, select the row you want to delete. The current Auto Remake settingappears. By acceptance of this system you hereby assume all liability consequent to your use or misuse of this equipment. Page 33 TroubleshootingWhy do I get an error using embossed fonts? In the Output Character area, select Hex to work with hexadecimal values orDecimal to work with decimal values.


Datacard Datacard i MANUAL SERVICE – Service Manual Free Download

The printer uses an area on all sides to hold the card during embossing. Select the baud rate appropriate for your printer. No additional hardware is needed. Why don’t magnetic stripe fonts appear in thefont menu? When prompted for an access code, press Datacagd and F2. This chapter provides instructions for performing preventive maintenance on the i. Click OK on the Properties dialog box to save your settings.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Select your Eatacard printer from the list of printers, and then click the rightmouse button and select Properties. Other settings are optional. Page 23 Embossing and Indent TypeThe Datacard i,and printers support the embossing and indent type setslisted in Table 3. The Spool Settings dialog box appears.