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Buy CXZ/H20 with extended same day shipping times. View datasheets , stock and pricing, or find other Modem Modules. CXZ Specifications: Device Type: Modem ; Supply Voltage: V ; Data Rate: 2 kbps Details, datasheet, quote on part number: CXZ. Case/Package, LCC. Data Rate, Kbps. Mount, Surface Mount. Operating Supply Voltage, V. Compliance. RoHS: Compliant. Datasheets. Conexant.

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The DIB data channel supports bidirectional half-duplex serial transfer of data, control, and status information between the CXx and the LSD over two lines. Digitized audio data is converted to analog form then output to cx2048 TXA output.

Connect to emitter of Q through R Additional and modified country profiles are supported by internal SRAM.

The low power mode entered depends on the setting of the —SLP command. Loss of Carrier V. The modem can detect and qualify ring signals and process AT commands. Inquiry support allows the current caller ID mode and mode capabilities datasheeg the modem to be retrieved from the modem.

  DA FORM 2166-8-1 PDF

Voice Mode includes four submodes: No Connect NC Notes: Ia Receive Analog Input.

USB V.92/V.34/V.32bis Controllered Modem With CX20548 SmartDAA®

A serial EEPROM is required only if additional storage is required for more country profiles or customized firmware code. Once the voice call is completed, the modem can quickly renegotiate with the server back to the original data call.

Using modem modulations to optimize modem configuration for line dwtasheet, the modem can connect at the highest data rate that the channel can support from 56 kbps down to bps with automatic fallback. Refer to applicable reference design for exact component placement and values.

CXA Conexant Systems | WIN SOURCE

Consult applicable reference design for exact component placement and values, and for layout guidelines. TAM Mode is supported by four submodes: The maximum, minimum, and default values can be defined to match specific country and DAA requirements.

It may also be disabled. Un-rectified voltage from telephone line used to detect ring.

CXZ – Conexant Systems, Inc. – |

The modem can sense speeds of,,,,and bps and the following data formats: Leave open for normal operation. Electronic inductor filtering capacitor. Therefore, all inputs should be connected to an appropriate supply voltage. This allows the modem to maintain compliance with U. Currents are positive when flowing into the device. CX Codec Current Requirements Provides external connection point for decoupling. Hands-free full-duplex telephone operation is supported in Speakerphone Mode under host control.


If this occurs, retraining may be initiated to attempt recovery depending on the type of connection. After mode entry, AT commands can be entered without aborting the connection. Connect to base of Q Conexant products are not intended for use in medical, lifesaving or life cc20548 applications.

The CX current and power requirements are listed in Table An alternative method is to use communications software that makes use of the Conexant Modem-on-Hold drivers. This prevents forward biasing the input protection diodes and possibly entering a latch up mode due to high current transients. Voltages referenced to ground VSS.