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Curse of the Chthonians (Spoilers). This compilation of scenarios was one that I initially found a major mixed bag, though in retrospect, part of. Curse of the Chthonians: Four Odysseys Unto Deadly Intrigue (Call of Cthulhu roleplaying) [William Barton, William Hamblin, David A. Hargrave, Sandy. Curse of the Chthonians (Call of Cthulhu) [David A. Hargrave, Bill Barton, William Hamblin, Lisa A. Free, Tom Sullivan] on *FREE* shipping on.

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If you can, then this scenario may be worth a closer look. Published June 6th by Chaosium first published January 1st Rollspelaren marked it as to-read Jul 20, Four Odysseys into Deadly Adventure Curse of the Chthonians contains four detailed scenarios for the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game, plus an examination of the Kabbalistic science of Gematria which seeks to derive secret or mystical meaning from the very letters that form the words of Scripture and occult texts.

Call of Cthulhu Scenario Reviews

It was still worth the money to me. Dark Carnival This scenario involves a circus with a dark secret, a basic concept that has shown up in occasional films and stories, and a few scenarios over the years.

To further complicate the situation, some innocents or relatively innocents, rather may be working at the park, including some rented space inside the park. Chaosium Descartes Editeur Joc Internacional. To ask other readers questions about Curse of the Chthoniansplease sign up. Curse of the Chthonians Average Rating: Four scenarios fill out this book, with a small article at the end elaborating on a concept that the fourth scenario uses. This site uses cookies. There is a cluster of ghouls in subterranean caverns, and a Chthonian to be met as well with at least hints of more of them lurking nearby.

Dreams that persist for investigators, when researched, lead said investigators to a scholar of the Kaballah, who starts the players on a path that leads ultimately to a quest to find the Nameless City itself. It does lead the players more than a little, and keep them from knowing all that is going on around them for much of its duration, and calls for considerable care in running it properly, notably to keep the players from feeling that they are being herded through a course of events.


Is the newest exhibit at the Museum of Natural History a crude representation of an elephant, or is it a thing out of the depths of time? With a cultist hounding them from hiding if possible, the players are drawn to ruins in Egypt that are either unexplored or underexplored, and the party will find themselves ultimately in subterranean chambers, confronting Nyarlathotep himself in one of his more human guises.

Curse of the Chthonians (Spoilers) | Call of Cthulhu Scenario Reviews

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Is the little Rhode Island carnival just a place of innocent playfulness or does it house dark secrets? Jason Williams added it Oct 16, This scenario is well-written, well-presented, but is also a bit problematic for me in some of its very important elements.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Learn More I supported because… “You make life better Jim Overton cchthonians it May 29, What mere vision chtohnians powerful enough to kill a wizened rabbi? This scenario leads players on an expedition to the Nameless City, and while there are parts of this scenario I love, the hook and the pivotal portions of the conclusion are not among those parts. To be honest, though, I suspect that getting to that monster may be a bigger challenge, this carnival is well populated and a party of investigators could find themselves confronting dozens of cultists, each a deadly opponent.

Curse of the Chthonians: Four Odysseys Into Deadly Intrigue

Curse of the Chthonians: Trivia About Curse of the Chth Call of Cthulhu Curwe. Said ex calls in the investigators because of some concerns of hers over dreams she has been having and odd behavior on the part of her father, a noted archaeologist.


The spoilers go into high gear at this point. Five Call of Cthulhu scenarios: Simonemarsili marked it as to-read Nov 07, Another conflict leads to an apparent suspect for the investigators, and the resolution of this last conflict appears to wrap up the scenario. Investigators will be confounded by four of the most detailed scenarios ever published for Call of Cthulhu. Robin Edman rated it really liked it Mar 09, Shadowdenizen rated it liked it Feb 05, Zed added it Feb 06, Otherwise a fabulous scenario.

Ronald Clarke marked it as to-read Dec 24, Disappearances and a few deaths, one maiming and madness seem vaguely connected ccurse an amusement park near Providence, Rhode Island. Aibohpphobia added it Jan 11, In fact, the scenario as written is really just getting warmed up and its deeper secrets just began to be put into play.

Want to Read saving…. Periodical Articles Podcast Episodes. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Pexa rated it it was ok Aug 28, Timothy Pitkin rated it liked it Sep 27, Things aren’t always as they seem. Preview — Curse of the Chthonians by William A.

Who would kill for a ceremonial dagger? The City Without a Name This scenario leads players on an expedition to the Nameless City, and while there are parts of this scenario I love, the hook and the pivotal portions of the conclusion are not chghonians those parts. John Kerry added it Sep 12, It’s even more impressive you do that now that I’m an adult!

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