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ANÁLISIS DE CRECIMIENTO DEL FRUTO DE GULUPA (Passiflora edulis el desarrollo del cultivo, es la modelación matemática del crecimiento del fruto, que . Desempeño fotosintético y potencial hídrico foliar de gulupa (Passiflora edulis Hasta el momento, el cultivo se ha extendido a través del país por medio de. By Cultivo de Gulupa · Updated about 4 years ago · Taken in Villarrica, Tolima. Cultivo Gulupa bajo cubierta, Gulupa con semitecho, Gulupa con plástico.

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Cultivo de gulupa con fertilizantes orgánicos Bioxinis y Avisana

Therefore, studies under uncontrolled conditions are necessary for understanding events such as the reproductive phase in plants at the agronomic level. Climatic parameter yearly average scores were: The soil moisture content did not vary considerably throughout the day in the three locations during the sampling days.

The ecophysiological samplings were taken in the reproductive phase; in the flowering stage flowering peak and during fructification fructification peak in each of the locations during The decrease in stomatal conductance and the increase in transpiration in the first few tulupa Figs.

This parameter showed sigmoid behavior, in agreement with previous observations by Shiomi et al. For each response, the best fitting model was chosen according to homogeneous distribution of residuals, higher coefficient of determination for prediction R 2 predictionand smaller Mean Square Error and PRESS values.

Daily and seasonal trends of gas exchange in Pistacia lentiscus L. Gulup, based on nonlinear models, the objective of this study was to model purple passion fruit growth to serve as a reference in planning of cultural practices associated with the harvest. Seasonal and diurnal changes in photosynthesis and carbon partitioning in Vitis vinifera leaves in vines with and without fruit. An important contribution to the development of this crop is fruit growth mathematical modeling, which allows estimating harvest related issues, in order to define applicable agronomic management protocols.


RGR was used to identify and describe fruit growth stages, while the TT was employed as a complementary measure gklupa compare fruit ripening stages. Photosynthesic characteristics and quality gu,upa five passion fruit varieties under field conditions.

Gulupa con plastico, Gulupa con semicubierta, Gulupa co semitecho

Meanwhile, in Chia, the increase of VPD during the day and the low temperatures would decreased the water potential both during the day and during the night, as well as the recovery of photosystem II. Polar PD and equatorial ED diameters. Blackwell Scientific Publications; Ecophysiological variables Flowering stage The photosynthetic rate Fig.

Poscosecha de la Gulupa Passiflora edulis Sims. Development and ripening of yellow passion fruit. Swift growth lasted until 21 DAF, when it tended to stabilize, as also observed by Shiomi uglupa al.

The soil of Chia and Granada registered similar moisture content between 0. High vapour pressure deficit exacerbates xylem cavitation and photoinhibition in shade-grown Piper auritum H. Additionally, the changing radiation conditions during the day, connected to the breaks provided by mist, caused instantaneous changes in other variables, such as temperature and humidity, to which the plants could not immediately respond because they need time to recover CO 2 uptake when radiation decreases Long et al.

Studies in plant survival: The stomatal control and water status of plants change in accordance with the climatic conditions so they vary throughout the day Pandey et al.


practicas en el cultivo de gulupa by tania saldarriaga on Prezi

For each response variable, we chose the best fitting model, i. Growth is mainly due to cell division until it reaches an ED of 4. Crecimiento y desarrollo del fruto de guayaba Psidium guajava L. Etnobotany and pharmacological potentials. In studying purple passion fruits, Shiomi et al. The above facts reflected the fact that the best water status was found in the reproductive phase of the plants grown in Granada.

Three growing periods were identified: Experimental plots were sown with gulupa plants at a distance of 6×3 m, in three different locations in the Department of Cundinamarca: High-Andean fruits are considered important for their domestic consumption and exportation potential.

Cartagena 2Guillermo Correa 3.

Cultivo de GUlupa con fertilizantes orgánicos Bioxinis y A… | Flickr

Equatorial diameter was taken along the widest belt of the fruit. Ecophysiological studies on passiflora are scarce although the importance of the studies have been recognized Ocampo, ; most of the knowledge of the crop comes from empirical observations of crops sown in different zones. This has also been observed in plants in temperate Bassow and Bazzas,Mediterranean Chaumont et al.

The impact of light quality and leaf wetness on photosynthesis in north-west Andean tropical montane cloud forest.