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You already know CTQ stands for Critical to Quality. CTQs are parameters that define in business words, the requirements of the customers. CTQs are very. I would be conducting a short training on the QFD & CTQ Drilldown tree for a non -sixsigma audience. I am searching for some interesting real. p>CTQ (Critical to Quality) Tree Definition/Purpose: Translates the voice of the customer s (VOC) language into a measurable Need. Drivers. CTQs.

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How to get it done?

Do we need to appoint one person just to pick up the call? Post analysis, dril came up with critical customer requirements; which were voiced by the majority of their customers. Reduce the cycle time of international wire transfer from X minutes to Y minutes by June Online Figure 6. You can also prepare a CTQ tree so that is vertically-placed.

The profitability of the north, northeast and east regions was calculated. It means I want it anytime during the day. It helps Black Belts BB confirm that the problem they are trying to solve is aligned to customer and business priorities. Identify critical customer needs We first need to identify the critical needs that the product or service has to meet.

That is how, you need to read and prepare CTQ tree. However, a good guideline is to pursue a maximum drjll five levels of drill down from the business priority. The infrastructure and logistics head determined he should focus on reducing infrastructure and logistics costs.

Examples for QFD CTQ Drilldown tree

The wire transfer process is divided into two subprocesses: CTQ is a simple, yet powerful tool that translates customer needs into a Meaningful, Measurable, and Actionable metrics for people or group of people. The drill-down tree can stop because a project metric was identified and a relationship between the project Y and business Y was established.

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The team may need to look into the historical calls data, for the past six months, to check how many calls were actually made at each counter in the pizza store, how many calls actually rang but; were not picked up, how many calls were abandoned because they were not picked up in the first ring etc.

This figure shows what your CTQ tree would look like for one of the critical needs identified i. It is a step-by- step process to identify CTQs for critical customer requirements. The drill down can stop here ddill the project metric has been identified.

Examples for QFD CTQ Drilldown tree – iSixSigma

Critical questions, at this stage, could be: As identified by the organization CTQ Specification: CTQ trees were originally developed as a part of Six Sigma approach.

What is Critical to Quality Tree? CTQs serve as a bridge between the drilk process, its deliverables and customer satisfaction. Please make sure to do a CTQ Tree for every need that you identify.

Cfq relationship has been established between the project Y and business Y. Please remember, these are the factors that must be present for customers to think that you are delivering a high-quality product. Note that it is very much necessary that we identify all of the drivers that are important to the customers. The standard expectation is that every call that all calls that the pizza store receives should be ttree on the 1st ring. How to identify CTQ parameters?

How to read the CTQ tree? This figure shows the CTQ identification process using a simple example. How do we read or comprehend the tree? We first need to identify the critical needs that the product or service has to meet. The drill-down tree could help relate the project Y with the business Y.


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They also help establish a relationship between the customer priority and CTQ project parameters. Identify performance requirements Finally, we need to identify the minimum performance requirements that we must satisfy for each quality driverin order to actually provide a quality product.

CTQs answer this question: Master of Project Academy delivered online courses to more than 50, participants in more than countries around the world. Identify quality drivers It is important to identify the specific quality drivers that have to be in place to meet the needs that we identified in the previous step.

The purpose here is to make you understand the topic. CTQs are the internal critical quality parameters that relate to the wants and needs of the customer. Before you begin with preparing a CTQ tree you have to: As specified by the organization Defect: BBs must remember that there is no set rule governing the level to which they should drill down.

If it is not possible to directly ask customers about their needs, then the project team can brainstorm their needs with people who deal with customers directly — Sales people and Customer Service Representatives — as well as with your team.