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Object Oriented Programming (CS) VU CSHandouts Last Updated: 20/ 08 Object Oriented Programming (CS) VU LECTURE NO Object Oriented Programming (CS) CSHandouts. Download. Object Oriented Programming (CS) CSHandouts. Uploaded by. B. Moeen Ali. CS Complete Handouts 1 to 45 lectures in signle pdf file.

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Object Oriented Programming (CS304)

As we saw earlier hanouts our object oriented model only had objects and their interactions hiding implementation details so it makes it easier for everyone to understand our object oriented model. Increased maintainability Reuse with Inheritance Main purpose of inheritance is reuse, we can easily add new classes by inheriting from existing classes.

Real Life example of separation of interface and implementations Messages Driver has a standard interface to drive a car and using that interface he drive can drive any car regardless of its model or type whatever engine type it has or whatever type of fuel it is using. Ambiguity Consider the cx304 hierarchy of Mermaid class below, Woman Fish eat eat Mermaid As mermaid also needs to eat and its both parents have their own methods of eating so here question arises, Which eat operation Mermaid should inherit as both functions are available?

This is achieved through the concepts of encapsulation and information hiding. Design of an Hahdouts Database Schema!

Student has School Bag, Book and Pen Object-Orientation – Advantages As Object Oriented Models map directly to reality as we have seen in examples above therefore, We can easily develop an object oriented model for a problem. Who can access the protected members.

An server may have account information of millions of people but it will share only our account information with us if we request it to send anyone else accounts information our request will be refused. Software Organization View to this point: Generally when we have given a certain problem handoufs, nouns in that problem description are candidates for becoming objects of our system.


Object Oriented Programming (CS) CSHandouts. Virtual University of Pakistan 1 – PDF

Both these things are part of implementation. Abstraction Classes Inheritance Major benefits of inheritance Reuse Abstraction Real life objects have a lot of attributes and many kind of behaviors but most of the time we are interested in only that part of the objects that is related to the problem we are currently going to solve, handouys example in implementing a school system we don t need to take care of the personnel life of a student or a teacher as it will not effect our system in any way so we will see these objects in the perspective of school system and will ignore their other characteristics, this concept is called Abstraction.

Neil Harrison PC Member: Virtual University of Pakistan 1″. Reasons for overriding Provide behaviour specific to a derived class specialization Extend the default behaviour extension Restrict the default behaviour restriction Improve performance It is used for the implementation handoyts inheritance.

Object Oriented Programming (CS304) CS304-Handouts. Virtual University of Pakistan 1

They are present at or near the top in the class hierarchy to present most generalized behaviour. Linux Lab 0 0 4 2. It includes use cases, which are pieces of functionality the system. Divide and conquer 2. Java Application Developer Certificate Program Competencies After completing the following units, you will be able to: Linux Lab handluts 0 4 2 1 Write a shell script to input two numbers and hanoduts all mathematical operations on them 2 Write a shell script to print the information about More information.

Just like everyone else. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. In this case the derived class objects will also contain base class objects attributes and methods.

It can be of one of the following types, Simple Association Composition Aggregation Simple Association The two interacting objects have no intrinsic relationship with other object.

Simplicity and clarity As all data and functions are stored in the objects so there is no data or function around in program that is not part handoufs any object and is this way it becomes very easy to understand the purpose of each data member and function in an object. Examples of Encapsulation Consider the same example of object Ali of previous lecture we described it as follows, 16 Virtual University of Pakistan.


Objective of this course is to make students familiar with the concepts of object oriented programming. Unified Modeling More handotus. C programming Introduction The basics of algorithms Structure of a C code, compilation step Constant, variable type, variable scope Expression and operators: What can be overloaded. A class primarily intended to define an instance, but can not be instantiated without additional methods.

Encapsulation and Information Hiding are related to each other. Java Interview Questions and Answers 1.

Object Oriented Programming (CS) CSHandouts | bc MOEEN ALI –

Problems with Multiple Inheritance Increased complexity Amphibious vehicle hierarchy is a complicated as this class is derived from two classes that will make code more complex and less understandable however this is handoyts as amphibious vehicle is a complicated vehicle.

The need of future Prof. Citation s listed may represent. N-ary Jandouts An association between 3 or more classes its practical examples are very rare Composition An object may be composed of other smaller objects, the relationship between the part objects and the whole object is known as Composition, Composition is represented by a line with a filled-diamond head towards the composer object Example Composition of Ali 52 Virtual University of Pakistan.

Example Specific Behaviour Specialization Shape color vertices draw move setcolor Circle radius draw computearea length draw Line angle Triangle draw computearea 34 Virtual University of Pakistan. Ali s name and other personal information is stored in his brain we can t access this information directly. How does an enumerated statement differ from a typedef statement?

The chief use of binary trees is for providing rapid access to data indexing, if you will. It is generic problem.