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Crazy Hot (Steele Street) [Tara Janzen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Only the most dire emergency could send paleontologist Regan . Crazy Hot (Steele Street, book 1) by Tara Janzen – book cover, description, publication history. Crazy Hot. Steele Street, Book 1. ISBN: September But throw in a deadly terrorist and some hot dinosaur bones, and a man could get.

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Cannot wait to read their book, ‘On The Loose’, the seventh book of the series.

There wasn’t enough time or word count to explore either of their characters more deeply, and in the end, when they exchanged ILYs, I had absolutely no reason oht believe that they were really devoted to each other, and really in love. He was a sweetie, and I loved how he had been so in love with Regan since he was a young boy.

Tara Janzen

It will be fun to read tars story. Smith Rydell; liked him when he was Kid’s partner in Crazy Kisses. This wasn’t the most inspiring book in the world nor did it really have much of a plotbut it was definitely lots of fun. One of the Prom Boys ends up dead and Christian is framed for it.

Then they spend a month in the 4star hotel where they fell crazy in love with each other this is too is repeated many, many times — how crazy in love they were Twra one of the Prom King Boys who attacked Katy is killed and Chris is accused for that murder. If you look at it that way then I think you’ll enjoy the book a lot more.

It is even a crayz re-read for anyone who wants to laugh and cry the day away. Looks like he is the side story in this book since Janzen can’t just concentrate on one couple.


Crazy Cool (Steele Street, #2) by Tara Janzen

I don’t think I’ve ever been able to say that. I would have probably rated this book a three if it were only about Travis and Gillian, but I enjoyed the parts about Smith and Jamzen enough to give it a four.

Also I have no problem with love scenes, but adding to the fact that I was already skimming the secondary characters storyline, when we finally got back to the main characters, the author just couldn’t go straight back into the real plot, no I know I know I said I was looking forward to what was going to happen after the last book but I was disappointed.

Humph, General Grant’s mild mannered secretary, Gillian Pentycote, had been kidnapped, given an experimental drug that wiped out all memories except four, one of which is the renegade CIA agent that arranged the kidnapping but got away during the rescue, adopted her alter ego name of Red Dog is partnered with former model, Travis James that was taught to shoot to protect himself are now Can a book jump the shark?

Crxzy former car thief.

Review: Crazy Kisses by Tara Janzen – Book Binge

I’ve read several of the Steele Street books and liked them for their fast pace, their gritty depiction of heroes who operate just this side of the law performing secret missions for the government while driving souped-up classic cars, and their hot, sexy romance between the leads.

May 19, Crista rated it it was amazing Shelves: View all 3 comments. She spent an incredible month with him until he was arrested for killing one of the prom night boys. I’ve been trucking along with the Steele Street stories having a grand ol’ time, but I have to say that for me, this one was a speed bump. This book picks up two years later and we find her transformed into a killing machine by the SDF guys at Steel Street.


Review: Crazy Kisses by Tara Janzen

Found them by accident while browsing at the library and what a lucky accident that was! I loved this book at least as much as the first one in the series.

Ooh be still my heart a Dodge Charger, damn. Their I read this series years ago janaen liked it, but I have to admit I didn’t recall the details. I think this author is capable of better. Rcazy Younger was a juvenile car thief before turning American hero fighter pilot when his jet was shot down behind enemy lines and he effected a daring and difficult escape.

It seems in the 13 years they xrazy been apart anyone one they dated were held While chatting with a friend we have come to the conclusion this series is fluff, and I mean frazy in the best way. I didn’t like Red Dog, she was so harsh and focused. Kat was young and unable to stand up to her mother to be heard and Christian was sadly set up and sent away to prison. Open Preview See a Problem? Good guy versus Bad guy.

If you need a quick, sexy read and don’t mind a few of the classic romantic suspense slip-ups, you could do worse than Crazy Hot. Aug 27, Quinn rated it really liked it Shelves: I didn’t like her mom, and didn’t like the ending at all, but aside from that, I really enjoyed reading this high octane novel. Paperbackpages. I was a little confused about Travis and the Rat ht too. Christian and Kat were so perfect together.

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