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Here’s the manufacturer’s information: “With a variety of hilarious activities, Cranium Cadoo gets kids thinking, creating, giggling, grinning, and laughing like . Here is a link to the official rules, the one on the hasbro site is no longer . To play Cranium Cadoo, assemble the players, and take turns completing Cadoo ends, place tokens on the game board according to the card’s instructions.

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Jan 23, Cranium Cadoo Board Game. The fun of Pictionary and Charades without requiring as many people. Posted on Feb 02, If your team rolls a COMBO, choose one player on your team to do the challenge while all the other teams try to guess.

If they roll purple, they go to the next Planet Cranium space. Winners correctly guess which drawing started as their own. Dec 25, Cranium Hullabaloo Square Tin. Data Head These red cards revolve around, as the name suggests, knowledge of data and facts. When one of these cards is drawn, every team competes and has one of its members do the activity for them.

Once the team successfully completes an activity while in Cadop Central, they have won the game. Cloodle cards require a team member to draw on a piece of paper while the other team member s attempt to guess the word or phrase, much like Pictionary. Helpful 0 Not Helpful Flag. You can’t post answers that contain an email address. I need instructions for my Cranium Family Edition game Since there’s only one question on each card and most games use about twenty questions, it would be possible to burn through them all pretty quickly.


Jul 07, Cranium Board Game. Posted on Jul 18, Your card tells you what to do and how to place tokens if riles succeed. All of the blue cards have vague hints.

Blankout requires the team to use a vague hint to fill in crankum blank words with only some letters filled in. Small tub of ‘clay’. Add Your Answer Tips for a great answer: Login to post Please use English characters only. Talk to an Expert Now! On their turn, each player gets to take one card and must immediately follow the instructions written on it. Cadoo works well with three players and is still OK with only two.

Cunningly, the ‘Combo’ questions help to balance the skill levels of the players. Younger players can join in as part of a team but someone on each team needs to be able to read. To get four counters in a row in any direction.

Instructions for cranium cadoo – Fixya

Players start by drawing a caption card from the deck and must draw the caption, then pass to another player who captions what they believe the other person has drawn, then draw said caption. If they complete their first activity on a Planet Cranium space successfully before time runs out, they will take the inside fast track to the next Planet Cranium space. There are two types of spelling involved in this category; one type involves one team member spelling a moderately difficult word such as vacuum correctly on the first try without writing down the word.

Cranium Hullabaloo Square Tin.

Success means the player whose turn it is gets to place a counter on an empty space on the board and the player who guessed correctly gets to place one of their own counters in the same space. Put the hullabaloo game nearby and turn it on, button near batteries.


But you can win only on a SOLO card! If they roll purple, they may decide which black space to start on. If they are on a coloured tules, the first card from the corresponding category is cadok.

More than that, the scoring system gets round the problem normally associated with games like Pictionary – the need for enough players to form teams. Where can I get hold of the instructions please.

Stuff for Dads: Cranium Cadoo

Before a team can go into Riles Central, they must collect one card from each deck by moving around these spaces. I have freestanding Series 8 dishwasher. If another team shouts out the correct answer, both teams place tokens on the board. Get ready Cranium Cadoo is the all-new, outrageously fun game designed especially for kids.

Instructions for cranium cadoo – Cranium Cadoo Board Game

Get a Cadoo to win Be the first to get a four-in-a-row Cadoo and you win! Still, how many other board games do you have that are worth playing through fifteen times? Your turn ends after one card. The line must be completed by answering a ‘Solo’ card correctly. Helpful 1 Not Helpful Flag. CongaA version with a slightly older target audience than Cadoo.