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Coswin 7i is the new generation of asset and facilities management software – A COSWIN 7i is designed to meet the needs of different sized organisations. Mythos Brewery, the second largest brewer in Greece and member of the Carlsberg Group chooses Coswin 7i and Siveco Hellas for the. The company PEPSICO-IVI chooses SIVECO HELLAS and COSWIN 7i software to manage business processes of the department Vending.

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Coswin 8i is for both single and multiple warehouses. Working better through a more reliable operation of the system. Here is their feedback, from the point of view of maintenance managers.

The 3 reasons maintenance managers enjoyed upgrading to Coswin 8i

This solution will help you reduce your purchasing costs ciswin stock levels; improve your maintenance staff productivity in full compliance with the rules in force. ERP, remote stations, and other applications modules … Avoids unnecessary entering A computer job chaining automation can control the running. The implementation is to separate data and validation circuits according to the entity to which the users belong.

A project is made up of tasks that can be linked together and may generate Work Orders. Easy integration of Coswin into your computer software. The reports are updated at regular intervals and can be automatically sent by email. Furthermore, they would like to justify their point for example an investment request with meaningful data, properly formatted in graphics.

Announcing the new COSWIN 7i, packed with innovations! | Siveco China | 喜科

Previous news Next news. Thumbnails for Employee, Items, Equipment: You will therefore handle and manage your server. Improved support for specific analysis and management decisions. The goal is to guarantee equipment conformity, control measurement methods and capabilities, then handle divergences.


Coswin 8i | Logiciel GMAO : Logiciel de gestion de maintenance – SIVECO

Coswin Analyzer is the perfect communication and publishing tool for management and assistance in making decisions regarding your maintenance activities. Each profile coswkn by Coswin Analyzer has access to the correct information. Siveco Group announced that Coswin version 7i. The user can now have access to the information in a more direct and clear way, reducing the time spend and the cozwin of mistake together.

Recognizing that different people have different needs and views, we are preparing similar articles from the perspective of IT managers and top managers. Newsletter Get the latest news and information on Siveco Group delivered directly to your inbox by subscribing to our newsletter. Siveco Group provides pre-defined reports and you can easily customise your own thanks to the standard doswin tool Siveco Reports.

Coswin Nom d responds to the needs of itinerant employees in industrial and utilities companies. Users have access anytime from anywhere via standard Internet browsers, which minimises network traffic and does not require the purchase of expensive computer devices.

These improvements, driven by defense projects with highly complex maintenance requirements, will also benefit Siveco customers in 7u industries by providing them with an even more mature, stable and scalable product.

CMMS becomes a simple service.

The 3 reasons maintenance managers enjoyed upgrading to Coswih 8i Posted on The Project module purpose is to prepare, plan and follow-up the realisation of maintenance projects requiring preparation tasks, facilities and tracking of time spent and costs, for example new works, annual coswon, construction, etc. Description Advantages About Coswin 8i Coswin 8i is a solution for Computer Maintenance Management and Enterprise Asset Management that improves maintenance management as well as optimising equipment performance.

PPE management – Personal Protective Equipment Professional risk management and safety is at the heart of business concerns.


Coswin 8i offers the possibility to manage equipment metrology calibration, measurements, conformity, and history. Ready for the RCA or the investment request!

Thanks to Coswin 8i, you can edit user-friendly reports to evaluate maintenance effectiveness and the status of your assets, it will help you build a clear rationale for strategic and financial goals.

BAS system, hand-held terminals, stores management for manufacturing, entry of hours for staff management… In the dictionaries, the client chooses the data destination of the input files E.

Coswin 8i will save a lot of time on this, which can be reallocated to higher-value work both on customer and Siveco side!

Avoids the writing of interface coswiin Creation and modification of the procedures by the client: As a result Coswin 8i can be implemented in very different configurations, from the simplest to the most complex, in a local or an extended network. Import of a transaction: Reports, already available in Coswin 7i are very useful: Implement this csowin with coswn Calendar of planned works and resources deployed equipment, workforce etc.

Security and traceability Coswin 8i enables companies to comply with the security and environmental legislation in force. Easy integration into your information system Today maintenance processes can no longer be simply delegated to the factory or maintenance department level.

Use of Coswin as a source of information for other applications. Equipment stores and items employees validation circuit by type of transaction rotating teams and separate cost tracking As a result you can manage your data in Coswin 8i by organisational entity.