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Perhaps Cortázar’s most famous short stories are those that, like “Continuidad de los parques” (“Continuity of Parks”), have a fantastical quality. “Continuity of. Continuidad de los parques. Date Monday Many thanks. Incidentally, have you read my earlier Cortazar rendition of “La noche boca arriba”?. Julio Cortázar. The story setting goes from a man looking out into the park, to a setting of a cabin within the park. The author blurs the line.

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May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Even the embraces that tangled the body of the lover seemed to draw inexplicably the figure of another it was necessary to destroy.

Nothing had been forgotten: April 6, deeblog. As he lounged in his favorite chair with his back to the door that would have bothered him with the irritating potential for intrusions, he let his left hand stroke the green velvet once then again, and he began to read the final chapters.


You’re welcome, Zeze, and thanks for your comments! My Spanish teacher didn’t give my class a translation of this story, only her corazar class.

The story begins with a wealthy businessman reading a novel he had started reading a few days earlier in his house on a large estate. Also, many thanks for permitting me to comment!

Continuidad de los parques

April 5, Sean. The door of the living room, and then the dagger in his hand, the light of those large windows, the old recliner with green velvet seat, the head of a man reading a novel.

Thanks for your comments, Emily. Thanks so much for this translation! May 5, deeblog. C, you’re very welcome and thanks for your comments. Thanks for the great translation. Thanks so much for the translation.

La Continuidad de los parques by Karolina Grodzki on Prezi

A translation of a very short story “Continuity of the parks” by this author. November 11, K. March 11, deeblog. May 24, C.

Reader Comments very clever. No longer looking, bound rigidly to the task which was awaiting them, they separated at the door of the cabin.


Contimuidad 6, Spencer Sellers. November 10, deeblog. Los buques suicidantes Lot No. He sits in a green velvet chair, savoring the feeling of sinking into the story while enjoying his cigarettes and the view of the park from his study window.

Jacquelyn septiembre 20, en Follow Blog via Email. March 1, deeblog. November 10, Kyle. I’m still having a little trouble understanding whats going on. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Continuidad de los parques – Journal –

Views Read Edit View history. Thank you so much. November 17, IB.

Thanks a ton with regard to this unique amazing post! November 15, Josh.

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