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COPC certification is based on the COPC Customer Experience (CX) Standard. The Standard includes versions for customer experience management, both. These three contact centers join other Orange affiliates in Poland, Tunisia, Moldova and Senegal that are certified by COPC Inc. The COPC CX Standard has. COPC and COPC with design are trademarks of Customer Operations COPC- CSP Gold Standard Release February i. Table of Contents.

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Winter Park, FloridaUS. Cost typically focuses on efficiency and the cost per unit incurred by the CSP to provide a product or service.

The CSP must collect, analyze, and use performance data to enable the CSP to achieve its end-user satisfaction, client satisfaction, service, quality, cost, and employee performance targets. Targets must be set with respect to high performing benchmarks where appropriate.

A demonstrated capability to achieve a majority of their performance targets. Emphasizing or adding results, measures, and processes most important to CSPs and their clients and end users.


A Systematic Approach for Ensuring. Quality is doing things accurately at the first attempt e. These operations are often referred to as call centers; however, most of these centers interact with end users via phone, electronic means e. Requirements will become more specific over time. Today, the Cisco Enterprise B2B team has created automated and standardized processes in the following areas: Glossary Page Unit 6: Objective measures in place for all activities that directly impact end users and clients.

Cost of Sfandard Quality: Purchased Care coc the Health Administration Center.

Daniel Zrymiak Key Points: The committee meets twice annually. Scoring Approach for Items in Categories 1. Service supply chain as a source of competitive advantage How businesses are creating value from the service supply chain May At a glance Product companies have focused on reducing fulfillment supply. Among the development team were: They are the foundation for integrating key performance and operational requirements within More information. Views Read Edit View history.

The plan must specify the time frame and the format for delivering this feedback. Each KCRP must include clear procedures that have a high probability of achieving: It is performance-centric and data-driven, using processes and people as enablers and leadership and planning as drivers.


COPC-2000 Customer Service Provider Standard

Use the Cost of Poor Quality: At a minimum, staffing forecast accuracy must be calculated at the weekly level. CyberOptics recognizes the importance Shandard information. For internal CSPs, the appropriate reporting metric is On-time delivery of defined program components.

These operations perform warehousing, light assembly, and pick, pack, and ship activities.

COPC Customer Service Provider Standard – PDF

A Asset Efficiency 4. During implementation the CSP must: Forecasting – The CSP must understand its historical volume, AHT or transaction handle time, and shrinkage, and must forecast future volume, for each type of transaction e.

Measuring Call Center Performance. Rather, they are intended to provide CSPs with a short list of Items to focus on initially gkld improve service, quality, and cost competitiveness.

In addition, the Contractor will be required to provide regular reports.