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A module for the IBM i (AS, iSeries) that enables you an easy conversion of print spool files from the IBM i to XML flies. – Spool to XML in seconds!. On iSeries, instead of transferring a spool file to an Excel spreadsheet, use the CPYTOIMPF command to create a CVS text file that can be easily loaded into. This allows the first character to be used as a control character so that you can convert the contents of the physical file back to a spool file and.

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I cannot put my hand on my heart and say for sure as the servers I have access to only have the US-English character set. Creation date Date Element 2: User name Specify the user name that identifies the user profile under which the job is run.

Convert IBM i | AS/400 | iSeries print files into XML

This parameter is considered after the job name, user name, job number, spooled file filfs, spooled file number, and job system name parameter requirements have been met. Channel 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Element 2: Again, the data is coming straight from your spool files, which the CoolSpools spool file converter outputs as a System i PDF — no manual entry needed.

TIFF files as well. Attaching business terms and conditions. If this file does not exist at the time of the copy, the copy will fail. All these posts are developed and tested on servers running IBM i 7.


Copy Spooled File (CPYSPLF)

This trend can be seen in the lean towards tablets and e-books over paperbacks, and is quickly becoming the way we read and share our data. Specifies the date and time the spooled file was created. Ron Deardorff March 26, at 8: Job name JOB Specifies the job that created the spooled file whose data records are to be copied.

Convert spool to PDF? Each assigned channel must have a corresponding line number to provide the correct positioning on a report. Find out more at http: The method I am going to describe can only be used IBM i servers with either version 6. When it comes to converting spool to Excel, PDF, XML or many other popular file formats, few — if any — System i solutions on the market match the simplicity and versatility of CoolSpools software.

I use this sequence: It helps you give your users and customers the right information, at cobvert right time, and, just as importantly, in the right format.

The function requires that product TS1 option 01 be available to use. So, in summary, the CoolSpools Spool Converter will definitely save your business time and costs whilst reducing its impact on the environment by saving paper.

Moti April 1, at 8: User Name Qualifier 3: Display Object Links Directory.

The assigned channel values as specified on the command are as follows: The licensed program code if different depending upon which release your server is running:. I have times when a user will request that a report be emailed to them, rather than printed and sent to them via the inter company mail.


Written by Simon Hutchinson at 4: It will facilitate efficiency and transparency across your organisation and help your business to meet targets and analyse your operation in a more efficient manner. Parameters Examples Error messages. Technologically, the world is moving to a place where documents are created on computers, distributed via computers and digested on computers. Spooling is a function of your computer system that saves data for later processing or printing. You might currently extract separate sections of the data created on your system to send to different departments or individuals.

Qualified job name Optional Qualifier 1: CoolSpools can do all of this and more — as well as formatting the output in a way that suits you. But it does so much more than that!

Posted on April 09, at For IBM i 6. I am not so sure that would work in most scenarios I use this for as they are batch jobs that run as part of the night run. Job name name Specify the name of the job that created the spooled file.

If you can generate a spool file with Hebrew characters I do not see why this would not work.

Posted on September 30, at 8: This option may be useful for microfiche production. Simon Hutchinson April 8, at 4: Very helpful article Simon!