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Conductometry is a measurement of electrolytic conductivity to monitor a progress of chemical These finding culminated into potentiometric titrations and the first instrument for volumetric analysis by Robert Behrend in while titrating. Conductometry deals with the conductivity of electro- lytes. The resistance of the A conductometer is an instrument for measuring complex resistances using. Answer to WHAT IS THE BASIC INSTRUMENTATION OF CONDUCTOMETRY?.

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Used in the determination of the purity of the water. No need of indicator. The value is 0. Then these electrodes are repeatedly washed with the distilled water and finally with the conductivity water. Fritz first used this method to distinguish the aromatic and aliphatic amines by using the perchloric acid as titrant.

The conductance is defined as the current flow through the conductor. It was also around this time when Willis Whitney, who was studying the interactions of sulfuric acid and instrumentatiion sulfate complexes, found the first conductometric endpoint.

In another case, the titration will form two precipitates. The conductance is decreased with the increase in the concentration.

conductkmetry What is the theory of conductometry? This is because of the ions mobility by increasing the temperature. Articles needing additional references from January All articles needing additional references.


Marked increases or decrease in conductance are associated with the changing concentrations of the two most highly conducting ions—the hydrogen and hydroxyl ions. Appropriate for the dilute solutions.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Used in the determination of the salinity of the sea water. Look up conductometry condcutometry Wiktionary, the free dictionary. The excess addition of the NH 4 OH does not show the change in the conductivity.

The plot between the conductivity and the volume of the titrant shows the V-shaped curve. What are the factors affecting the conductivity measurements?


Used in the determination of the basicity of the acids. What is the principle involved in the conductometry? The solutions are compulsory diluted for the measurements. Vorlander first proposed the non-aqueous titration method that is titration of aniline with the HCl in non-aqueous solvent, that is, benzene.

The theory is instfumentation based on Ohm’s law which states that the current I is directly proportional to the electromotive force E and inversely proportional to the resistance R of the conductor: For each amount of NaOH added instrimentation amount of hydrogen ions is removed.

Conductometry – Wikipedia

The sample solution is placed in the conductivity cell at constant temperature. January Learn how and when to remove this template message. The conductivity of the electrolyte increases with the temperature increase.


Here the induction coil is used for inducing current.

The titration of weak acids in the methanol by using instrumentatiion methyl ammonium hydroxide. The temperature is maintained constant with the help of the thermostat. Less accurate when compared to other methods: The initial conductivity of the HCl solution is high because of the protons from the dissociation of the acid.

The acetic acid is dissociated and it combines with the ammonium ion after dissociation of the ammonium hydroxide. No need for the specific conductivity. This is done mainly by the replacement of the hydrogen ion with other cation. The conductivity is inversely proportional to the size of the ions.

Used in the quantitative analysis of the compounds. Strong acid with weak base: This contribution in case of a strong acid-strong base is negligible and is not considered there.

Conductometry is a measurement of electrolytic conductivity to monitor a progress of chemical reaction. Conductometry free pharmacy study material pharmaceutical analysis pharmaceutical analysis lecture notes. Explain the concept of cell constant.

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