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Perfect when you need a bigger router in a small size, such as creative post facilities and broadcast trucks! Compact Videohub includes 40 x 40 SDI routing all. Compact Videohub je perfektné riešenie keď potrebujete väčšiu maticu malých rozmerov. Compact Videohub obsahuje 40 x 40 SDI maticu v 2U prevedení. Compact Videohub includes 40 x 40 SDI routing all packed into a 2 rack unit size! You get auto SD, HD and 3 Gb/s HD-SDI detection, re-clocking, with built in.

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You can customize buttons, sources and destinations using the easy to use Windows and Mac software included with each Videohub control panel. Plus unlike manual patching, you can send one SDI video connection to as many outputs as you like, so multiple people can access any SDI video source, all at the same time.

Videohub routers have more control options because you can select from hardware panels or innovative software control panels that let you route cross points on your desktop! Hardware Control Panels When you are working in larger facilities with rack mounted equipment then you need a serious hardware based control panel! If you want a true cut-bus, such as when dedicating the control panel to a video monitor, just select to a single destination and then all buttons are sources that change the route to that destination when pressed.

Videohub control software has a great looking interface with amazing icon buttons. Use the Videohub for connectivity within the telecine workflow, such as color correction noise reduction, frame stores and disk recorders.

Sources of the same resolutions and the same frame rate can even be output directly to air for smooth, cuts only production.

Smart Videohub’s super fast spin knob control lets you dial though your router cross points while displaying live video combined with custom on screen labels. Easy to Install No router panel is so easy to install! That means longer cable lengths, and no glitches in your video.

Now you can avoid messy rewiring because you can connect everything to the router and then quickly change connections from job to job without reconnecting a single cable!


CVP holds a number of different events, everything from product demos to education sessions to make sure you’re using your equipment to its full potential. IEC power cable required. We even have a new software control panel for Apple iPad computers, due in Junethat lets you use your iPad as a fantastic low cost touch screen XY router panel. Elegant Design Router control panels don’t need to be ugly, and Videohub hardware control panels have been designed to fit into the most creative post production facilities and broadcasters!

All buttons can be variably backlit so you can always read button labels even in dark rooms! Customize your control options for any installation! If you cannot guarantee perfectly timed source signals but you still need to clean switch then Smart Videohub CleanSwitch 12×12 is the special model of Videohub that features resynchronization on all inputs so you get perfect clean feeds every time!

Blackmagic Design Compact Videohub | VHUB/VCPT

Choose from three incredible models! All rights reserved web development. As a developer, you can download the Videohub SDK for sample code and control protocol information. Almost all broadcast decks feature a simple auto edit controller for deck to deck editing. Firmware Upgrade Via included firmware updater application. You can select where the Videohub is on your network, as well as how many destinations you want on the panel. Videohub is different and designed for normal creative users to get up and running in seconds.

6G-SDI Smart Videohubs

We even include a free developer SDK so you can integrate Videohub into large broadcast facilities, or custom systems!

World’s Greatest Router Control If you hate the high cost of router control panels, then you’ll love Videohub because we include free software for Mac and Windows computers with incredible icon buttons!

Blackmagic Universal Videohub Videohub hardware control panels also include compzct through ethernet connections, perfect for looping to other control panels or computers!

Deck to Deck Dubbing Often tapes need to be cloned by deck to deck dubbing, and if needed, compile a few masters quickly onto a single tape. Blackmagic Design’s Videohub routers are not videobub based on a revolutionary design but they also have the most advanced electronics technology available today. Videohub software looks fantastic, and when used on new touch screen all ivdeohub one computers, you get a fantastic large screen XY control panel!


Compact Videohub

Now you comppact dub from any source on the router, either from a deck or edit suite. Please enter your UK postcode or select different country above.

SDI Video Sampling 4: That means you don’t need a separate external monitor because it’s built into the front panel of the router itself!

Any computer can be the host by simply connecting to the router via the USB 2. Smart Videohub is perfect for broadcast, post or live production! For more information on shipping, please read our Delivery and Collection or please our Terms and Conditions.

Less than an inch deep. Videohub Smart Control and Videohub Master Control use standard ethernet networking so you can simply plug into the existing computer network. All Video Formats Simultaneously Ocmpact formats, frame rates and resolutions simultaneously! You can look at any source or destination and confirm the correct video inputs are being sent to the correct video outputs.

About the Compact Videohub. All Videohub routers include SDI re-clocking so even the longest distance equipment from your router can be connected together.

On screen labels support unicode so they work in non Roman character sets such as Chinese, Japanese, Russian, German, French, Spanish and more.

In the past most studios have been forced to use manual patching to connect editing workstations and decks.

Connect to Everything, Everywhere Videohub uses standard definition and high definition SDI connections, so you can connect any device videonub in television production. Built in Video Monitoring!