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Comnav Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Comnav Installation And Operation Manual. ComNav Autopilot Manual. Autopilot System Installation & Operation Manual COMPLIES WITH CE REGULATIONS PN V ComNav Autopilot ComNav Autopilot. READ. Show more . Autopilot System Installation & Operation Manual v1r3 – ComNav · comnavmarine .

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The Comnxv of your Autopilot System is complete. In the Cable 5 diagram below, the Ground is the green wire. Any approved hydraulic steering fluid Operating Temperature: Introduction The Outboard Feedback sends information about the rudder or propeller position to the Autopilot. Use a clean, soft rag. Watch the Control Head. Determining Rudder Response Settings At this point, you will have finished adjusting your compass. Excess cable may be loosely coiled behind a panel.

The Autopilot System can steer the vessel on a constant Heading, or along a Course line.

Your vessel will normally make several turns, while you are setting the Rudder Responses. The light beneath the Green Key will stop flashing. This will expose domnav circuit board. After transporting your boat on a trailer, it is very cmnav to clean the sliding rod!

Move the Rudder Feedback Arm so that it is directly above the point where the cable enters the Rudder Feedback. If the cable is brought through a hole in a panel, you can store the excess cable behind the panel.

Two Line systems, and Three Line systems.


Place the gland from the Accessory Kit in the drilled hole. To bleed the Reversing Pump, you will be extending the cylinder rod in the other direction. First, the gland for this input must be mounted on the end cap.

comnav – The Hull Truth – Boating and Fishing Forum

This will set the Sensitivity to its lowest level. If the Equipment, or any part thereof, proves to be defective within the relevant warranty period, the Purchaser shall do the following: To replace the fuse: Slowly turn the boat in as small a circle as possible. Place the Rudder Feedback so that it will be protected from objects which may shift position when your boat is moving.

Place the Stainless Steel Bracket over the threaded end of the rod and replace the nut.

Put your tools and other magnetic objects in storage places away from the Fluxgate Compass. Press the Red Key 8. The rudder is not moving in response to the Autopilot.

ComNav 1460 Autopilot Manual

The fuse will comav if the power wiring is reversed; but the fuse will usually not fail otherwise. The other end of this wire should be connected to the grounding point you 14460 chosen aboard your boat.

Sensitivity decreases by one step. There are two ways to connect the pump to the steering system. Vessel turns to Port Rate of turn: The pump is designed in such a way that it will keep oil from returning through the pump when is not running or correcting.


To locate the hole for the gland, look on the inside of the end cap. Refill your steering system from the highest reservoir.

Piloto automático Comnav 1460

Cross track error is a measure of the distance your boat has fallen away from the Course line. Turn the steering wheel fully to Port. Turn on the breaker for the Autopilot or connect the Power cable to the breaker.

If you purchased a system without a Hydraulic Pump, you can ignore the sections of the manual dealing cpmnav Pumps, and about bleeding the hydraulic system.

If there are any problems, fix them now. Connect the Second Station according to the diagram above note that there are different colour codes that can be used in the Head cable — see page Go to step 9 instead.

As a general rule, you should always regularly monitor the oil level of the reservoir, or in the highest helm pump, in your steering system, and add oil as required.

Clean up any oil spills and wipe fittings clean. If this problem occurs twice, your Autopilot may need servicing. If you did not install a Reversing Pumpset, or you are not retro-fitting the on a vessel that already has hydraulic steering, you will not have to bleed your hydraulic system. Check several times and add more oil as required.