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However I do not see any calls into our support center since your site was commissioned. So I am not sure what customer service agents you. Equipment interconnecting cables;; Reloading initializing instructions and re- commissioning;; Verification of proper operation and completion of service report; . visible only after the modem has been commissioned and is operational. Figure System Control Center button links. Click the button to go to.

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What is Express Repair? Find out who to call and what is covered under Express Repair. Terms of huyhesnet Plan may not be modified, except in writing by Hughes. Your location must be a stationary location in the lower 48 states or Puerto Rico. To not falsify any related records; h.

There is no elevation angle scale. If you want Vertical nominal receive polarisation then turn the whole dish by hughesneet deg either way, so that the feed arm is directly at one side or the other.

Damage reported after expiration of the Express Repair coverage period. Grease on the elevation screw will make adjustment easier, as the weight of the dish is taken by the nuts. Receive polarisation is Horizontal. The polarisation scales on the white BUC yokes read 0 hughfsnet deg. The monthly Plan fee will appear on your billing statement as a separate charge from your regular monthly HughesNet subscription payments.


What is Express Repair?

Nov Downloaded 10 Mbytes. It is possible to place an inclinometer here, against the vertical metal plate, where the two pairs of the 4 polarisation bolts are located.

Wash your hands before you hold it. Now access the web site inside the HX50 modem. This plan will terminate upon expiration or termination of your HughesNet service subscription. This an angled, hughhesnet steel tube which attaches to the lower edge of the dish.

Your coverage begins on the date of activation and will continue on a month-to-month basis until canceled by you or terminated by Hughes. If you are operating with a Eutelsat satellite, add 3. Once commissioned, the modem will have a different IP address and the modem may be used to connect a local area network with many PCs.

Hughesneg your receive polarisation is nominal Horizontal your nominal transmit polarisation is Vertical. Typical tech response time is days. Pointing your dish at the satellite Point your dish at the satellite.

The feed horn comes with a spacer section of tapered circular waveguide, attached to the feed horn at a specific angle.

HughesNet Customer Care and Remote Field Maintenance Support

Plan Details — New HughesNet Subscribers Express Repair is a protection plan option designed to assure you that your HughesNet service will be restored in a quick and efficient manner in the event a problem occurs. Attachment of the feed to the OMT requires special attention regarding nominal polarisation setting at the initial assembly. Once the above configuration information is saved, the modem will start trying to receive the outlink download carrier to you.


Correction of faulty installation or repointing of the antenna, if the work was not originally performed by a Hughes-authorized technician; f.

Exclusions from Coverage The Plan does not cover: The feed comes with a yellow sticker saying “Hazards caused by Electromagnetic fields, Keep away 4 feet 1. If any pricing changes during the term of the Plan, you will be notified prior to any change in price. There is one anomaly. Do you need Computer NetWorking Solutions? The front of the dish has been spray painted with a matt white paint which has a hydrophobic effect.

Express Repair xommissioned Basic. Also, all of the Photos in the Slide Show are also kb or less in commissipned, so hopefully the Slide Show will work well with Dial-Up also.

To provide a non-threatening and safe environment for servicing, including, but not limited to, the containment of aggressive animals; f. The connection of the coax cable outers and the building earth to a real lightning earth is controversial and possibly hazardous and a qualified electrician should be commussioned.

In each 8 hour period, Download: If the intended adjustment amount is – negative then there is some preference that the initial 90 deg adjustment is clockwise as viewed from behind the dish. Commisxioned send a ping by typing ping