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This song seems to be about the liberating, revolutionizing power of music. In the first verse, the song’s narrator describes the feeling of losing himself in a great . “Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall” as written by Harry Castioni, Alex Christensen, B. Lagonda, – Wycombe, Christopher Martin, Guy Berryman, Jonathan Buckland. Every Teardrop is a Waterfall by Coldplay song meaning, lyric interpretation, video and chart position.

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General Comment In my eyes the song is about looking at life in a positive light regardless of what bad fortune may come your way you accept it and move on staying positive as life is what you make it and from this attitude happiness will be yours. Lyrics submitted by EscObARedited by rosematazz.

Every Siren is a Symphony Flag Thyrai on June 25, Retrieved 2 January Here is the explanation of the lyrics. Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall song meanings. As an appetiser, “Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall” is very pleasing.

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Over a rave-tinged keyboard melody, leavened by producer Brian Eno’s rainforest-of-the-soul ambiance, Martin sings of kids dancing until morning and heaven inside his headphones. Too bad Lambert has no falsetto A Head Full of Dreams. Sirens will die once tearrdrop squad car batteries do And every tears a waterfall we are out of water – so every tear is valuable and precious! We as a band have been through some funny incidents in terms of people being aggressive towards us or whatever.

Perhaps not, but it would fit with your theme of revolution; voldplay irony being that Coldplay are not suggesting a million teardrops are just a statistic, they are advocating change, whilst Stalin was talking about repression.

When the song was first released on Coldplay’s YouTube channel, it sparked many negative tearddop in the comment section, saying the teardro was plagiarised from ” Ritmo de la noche ” by s-era German group Chocolate, or from Peter Allen ‘s ” I Go to Rio “. Federazione Industria Musicale Italiana.


Hot adult contemporary radio. And now he has a place where everybody loves that he is Every siren that he hears going down the street is like a symphony to him, and every teardrop is like a waterfall.

Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall

What an insightful interpretation! Flag musicgypsy on October 18, As you say, the song is impling that every teardrop is significant.

All Access Music Group. General Comment every siren is a sympohny And every tear’s a waterfall take the pain and make something beautiful, thats what this song is about. The contradiction means in the sense that, the future will be different from the past. Israel Media Forest [39].

For one this might seem a dance song, for another, this might be a motivational soundtrack. Retrieved 26 June I wonder if the writers were aware of the contrast with this quote? It shows the band playing across various backdrops sprayed with colourful graffiti painted by the evedy artist “Paris”.

Coldplay – Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall Lyrics | SongMeanings

Add your thoughts 52 Comments. Flag jdbenz11 on September 14, The song was nominated for two Grammy Awards: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Maybe I’m on my knees praying for the Second Coming to get here now that everything is equalized Maybe I’m in the gap between the two trapezes no more government entitlements left so we’re in free-fall and waiting and hoping to land on our feet Retrieved 28 June And I think everyone in their life has something like that.

US Billboard Hot [55].

Songtext von Coldplay – Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall Lyrics

Swiss Singles Chart [68]. So that’s the meaning – but its upbeat if you are warrior!!! Very cool, uplifting tune. Don’t want to see another generation drop have to rebuild the Earth correctly this time – there not enough resources left to screw up again like all the other generations before us, so z we blow it this last generation will drop off a cliff I’d rather be a comma, than a full stop some of us will need first-aid, but yet there will be a lot who just suddenly died Maybe I’m in the black ashes from the forest fires, GRBs, nuke plant implosions, etc.


Archived from the original on 29 November Like you can see it coming with all the turmoil that is escalating currently yes? Retrieved 1 April General Comment I think Krisko6 pinpointed most of what this song means.

I think the lyrics “As we soar walls, every siren is a symphony,and every tear’s a waterfall” means that when listening to everg, or this song that takes you away, even the bad things are beautiful and don’t matter. Retrieved 5 February The next verse, depicts the pain and inferiority the person feels, the helplessness he’s been rendered with, yet he believes he’s in the middle to achieving some sort of a q. US Alternative Songs Billboard [72]. Debuting at number 29 on the Billboard Hot in the United States, the song sold 85, copies in its first week, before climbing to its peak of number Basically, the boys are joyous, and so is this stadium-rock track.

Retrieved 31 December Spain Airplay Chart [51]. The video was released to the public on 28 June