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The Wehrmacht is a German army featured in Company of Heroes. Choice depends of commanders strategy, however, earlier mentioned weakness, lack of . What is the main strategy/focus of the wehrmacht? What are good commanders and why? (I tried to search some guides, but most of them are. ?show=page&name= company-of-heroes-wehrmacht-bud-t3-t4-strategy-guide-.

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If you can’t tell, they are also my favorite faction.

Offensive veterancy reduces reload fires more oftenincreases accuracy, reduced cooldown fires sooner between shotsand increased penetration for vehicles.

Paks are very good vs. There are games won simply because an American player managed to get a vet 3 rifleman that picked up a panzershrek, and no unit could kill it, and it killed everything. Sniper can take sniper in one shoot,but for some reason many times it miss shot another sniper and that sniper will most probably kill yours after detection.

They sweep an area with all of their units or none at all. Losing an Lt early on can cost you the game. The Ugide 38 50mm guns can effectively fight against enemy medium vehicles. Each upgrade has 3 levels, each corresponding with one of the three Veterancy levels.

Units cap these points at different rates. Available only in the later part of the game, they are well-armored and armed, and can be relied upon to deliver a strong punch to the enemy and destroy the enemy’s forces very quickly. Never upgrade the bunker with MG.

Company of Heroes

They are good for one or two minutes if they’re the first unit you get, and then The Commonwealth faction is probably the least intuitive of all the factions. Mines are also critical to this faction, and they are laid by the Engineer. Contents [ show ]. Firstly, all Volksgrenadier squads are now able to fire Panzerfausts. The Werhmacht has three different command treeswhich are referred to as doctrines.


Removed “hokey of all the factions,” changed to “least intuitive Good support is a necessity. This is a risky move, because:. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins.

This building will provide reinforcement for infantry, without requiring them to retreat to base, and lets wehr,acht to produce units. Veterancy upgrades, available for them in the Kampfkraft center, greatly improve their survivability and firepower. Wehrmacht is the most munition dependant faction, and needs it to use it’s wide variety of powerful abilities and upgrades. Also if you found some wenrmacht weapons,bazookas,bars,etc take it. Share directly to my status.

You must make sure to move your stukas after every barrage though to avoid counterbattery fire.

What are their wenrmacht infantry units to aim for? Well to use it correctly you should always micro motor bike because it can be destroyed quickly, so take care about it. They have very limited “suppression” powers for stopping large blobs of infantry, and their Heavy Machine Gun unit offers very little in the way of suppression.

Rayquaza Rayquaza 10 years ago 4 oh yeah, and in 1v1, constant stuka barrages are not very good except camping brits. Rayquaza Rayquaza 10 years ago 3 Don’t give up hope if there’s an MG in a building and you don’t have blitznades.


This is why Wehrmacht should never play too aggressively, at least not in the early stages of battle. Wehrmacht forces can create these at the entrances to their territory, delaying the enemy and receiving early warning before they attack. This building is very important for the middle stage of the battle. They require possibly the least amount of map control, because most of their units require only manpower.

Wehrmacht tips for a noob – Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts Message Board for PC – GameFAQs

After all, even they need to be stationary, in order to be effective. Finally, another Passive Defense that operates differently from the others:. The faction relies on combined arms, with many different units and a strong motor pool and tank depot to back them up.

All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other wehrmmacht. If done properly, large gains of territory and eventual victory will be gujde a matter of time. If the opponent even gets remotely close to the sniper, retreat it. Your units must be followed by a lieutenant or captain, and any kills the units under the officer’s command get give the officer veterancy.

They will occaisonally glitch up and miss, but it’s VERY rare.

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