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Clock Of Destiny Vol. II Original by $ Add to cart. Additional Information. Additional Information. Weight, 1 kg. Home · Our System · Our Lodges. Funeral services for were held last Saturday morning at the Edward Strowder Funeral Chapel. During his life time he obtained a Ph.D., LLD, 3rd, 33rd . by C.M. Bey. (c)AA istics about C. M. Bey’s written Zodiac Constitution, which go .. The Clock of Destiny Moorish American Card of litenti- fication and.

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The Moorish-American Institute was founded by C.

Clock Of Destiny Vol. II Original by C.M.Bey

od The root of ambition is in every man, but it riseth not in all: Raise the Moorish Nation to an economic, social and political standard with the nations of the world.

We MUST learn to put our egos to the side and always determine our movements based on the success we desire for our next generation on an economic, social and political level. The Premier and his Council of three are willing to sit with any Moorish Heads on official business. We as Moors have always subscribed to being a Noble of Moorish descent.

This will equal our success. At that time Cleveland, Ohio was the only city where the lessons of C.


Must have a certification or license. When titles are the reward of virtue, when he is set on high who hath served his country, he who bestoweth the honours has glory like as he who receiveth them; and the destniy is benefited by it.

Yes, he was commissioned by the Prophet. If ANY member goes contrary to this saying and article 3 and dsetiny in the Moorish Constitution then they are no longer members of this August Body. For more information on this subject c.

CM Bey – Clock of Destiny

We must teach them hidden truth while at the same time show them our successes. Also pursuant to C. Honour is the inner garment of the Soul, the first thing put on by it with the flesh, and the last it layeth down at its separation from it.

There is more on C. Those that remain under the Christian yoke will continue to be subject to the King, while the Moorish Republic will govern their own affairs with the assistance of the Europeans and in reverse. Law cannot excuse blind ignorance such as bigotry and insubordination.

You must first become an official member of the Clock of Destiny. Also pursuant to C.

Clock Of Destiny Vol. II Original by – Clock of Destiny

There are many parallels in the clkck of the Divine 9 and the Boule fraternity. The requirements are not unreasonable. It is based on Ancient Masonry as far back as Khemet.


For example, there are members in Europe. A Great Humanitarian Treatis e.


Namely those classified as Negros, black, african Americans, west Indian etc. The sir name Bey or El is not required but good character is. Must have a law degree, economics and a course in international relations. The discussions desired detsiny Unity and Economics.

Even so, what is it to the mean that their predecessors were noble? During his life span he attended the University of Chicago after which he served in World War 1. During his life time he obtained a Ph. The blacks chose to serve under the eagle is voluntary; therefore c.m.bwy as Moors must reach those that is on the path the reverse seal.

There are many moors that received the package that the Premier received from the Late Dumas Bey at the table. Not Shriners because they have an adopted rite. He will acquire the honour while others receive it: Hereditary honour is accounted the most noble; but reason speaketh in the cause of him who hath acquired it.