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Citi Mortgage has time frames automatically set up for letter of authorizations to expire. This is currently set at 6 Months but if a homeowner so chooses to they. Workable SolutionsSM Financial Form. 1 of 1 rev 02/20/ CitiMortgage, Inc. does business as Citicorp Mortgage in MT and NM. LETTER OF AUTHORIZATION. Dear CitiMortgage Customer(s): In order for CitiMortgage, Inc. to discuss your mortgage loan with a third party, we must obtain a letter of authorization form.

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I will gurantee you that you will find that they are projecting 1 to 2 months advance of the actual pay date. After another frustrating phone call to Citimortvage Mortgage I started looking on the web for a web site to their loss draft Department. He never contacted me again. I was told it would be reviewed and someone would contact me.

Good luck to all. They can not be trusted. She even apologized that it took so long to review my information and stated that they were overwhelmed. They are going to be in real trouble over this one. Calling the number is useless; I either get an Indian who has no idea how to address problems or a rude American who insists everything is my fault lehter I need to send more money immediately.

Maybe a lawsuit will lletter you to do the right thing for your customers. I made arrangements with a representative of Loss Mitigation of CitiMortgage. After having our loan with CitiMortgage for several years they transferred it to another provider, something that is common practice. Turns out, they applied the entire payment to principal but did not take out the monthly payment.


I am a first time home buyer and the builder and CitiMortgage took me for a big ride plus took government money by being a first time home buyer.


I recently came into some money earlier this year and decided to send a huge payment to Citimortage to help pay down the mortgage. My local office faxed the information to Citimortgage and it has been nothing but a run a round since then. I contacted my credit union and found that Citi had done as previously citkmortgage electronically collected the citimprtgage on Sept.

I called my credit union back and the authoriaztion they could do was fax me a statement showing recent transactions. I had a payment plan setup after hurricane Katrina to get caught up because of being 2 months behind and everytime I would call about my account no one would know what I was talking about and claimed Citimotgage owed them thousands of dollars.

I hired a lawyer which i have paid a thousand dollars so far. It cost us so much money in phone bills that we finally gave up and paid the extra. I made a last effort call to CitiMortgage on Thursday, February 16, trying to secure the payoff of my loan because I found another financial institution ready to secure the loan.

CitiMortgage Frustrations :

The checks were returned to me in within 10 days I included overnight return mail postage as they had promised. Apparently thousands of customers are inappropriatelty being charged late fees.


They taxed a day late on my credit bureau. Already a month late. I can be reached at chimy yahoo.

The company still has not contacted the appraisal company or anybody else as far as that goes to let them know my home is paid for. Looking for a mortgage lender? A week later I gat the check back with another paid in full form letter. I wish I knew a big authorizatikn that wanted a class action suit.

Citi Mortgage Letter of Authorization Time Period

I am not at all surprised to find this site so full of bad experiences, I am glad it exists! Oh, wanted to add one more thing to my blog above. I said I set them up through my bank so I have control of my own money and I still wanted an explanation for the returned payments.

We have had problems in the 9 months we have been with Citimortgage formerly with Principal. You get transferred back and forth between departments and end up getting no help. Then I get a call from the appraiser. TWO days after Citimortgage is going to auction our house off!!!