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Using Cicero’s letters to his good friend Atticus, among other sources, Everitt recreates the fascinating world of political intrigue, sexual. Cicero by Anthony Everitt, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. In the introduction to Cicero, author Anthony Everitt laments the Perhaps the greatest measure of the success of Everitt’s book—as much a.

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But Cicero quickly fled the scene. The way Everitt carefully and comprehensively unfolded the drama brought back the excitement of ancient history superbly. Cicero longed for power, but always played a secondary role in Roman politics.

My quibble I always enjoy reading history books that are written in an assessable manner.

“Cicero” by Anthony Everitt |

For the Romans, articulateness was a virtue in a politician because it revealed something deep in the latter’s mind; it’s not hard to guess what Cicero would think of a people who have chosen a president who can barely manage a rudimentary public speech.

Long live the optimates!

eveditt Eventually the assassins caught up with ciceo in his litter en route for the coast, slit his throat and packed off his head and hands to Antony and his wife Fulvia, as proof that the deed had been done.

He is well researched and all his sources are listed in the back and identified line by line, but I prefer footnotes because they are easier to use. There are so many unfamiliar names and terms in the book that it would have greatly benefitted from a list of characters and a glossary of terms.

For Cicero, this was his finest hour.

Cicero by Anthony Everitt is a cicerp account of the man’s life in the sense that it is relatively short, entertaining, and modern in voice. Through various underground sources Cicero learned by the late summer of 63 that Catiline was plotting a revolutionary uprising that was to involve burning the city down and — the real horror for Roman conservatives — cancelling all debts.


With this set of circumstances, his life was doomed, and he was killed in 43 B. The trouble is that he has to share the stage with Caesar, who’s bold, sexy — every man’s woman and every woman’s man — far-sighted enough to understand that the ship of the Republic had well and truly sunk, loyal to friends and merciful to enemies — at least so long as they were potentially useful — in short, one of the great iccero of history.

Although an academic, Anthony Everitt knows how to represent drama. Cicero leapt onto the public stage at twenty-six, came of age during Spartacus’ famous revolt of the gladiators and presided over Roman law and politics for almost half a century.

Cicero: The Life and Times of Rome’s Greatest Politician by Anthony Everitt

The love you gave in life keeps people alive beyond their time. It’s not entirely convincing, there’s a significant amount of faffing about, second-guessing, and attention seeking throughout Cicero’s career, A decent, readable biography of Cicero that effectively situates his character within the framework of the turbulent times in which he lived.

View all 8 comments. On sale June Jul 22, Andy rated it really liked it. Before wrapping up, I should note that there’s a potential objection here: The city is made to look like Manhattan, a forest of towers and canyon streets.

Urbane, tolerant, humane, deeply learned and skeptical, Cicero is not only the anti-Catilina, he is also by extension hostile to all fanatics. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. Not only does it give us insight into what a complicated person Cicero was both arrogant and generous; brilliant in the courtroom and terrified of physical injury but also perhaps more importantly it is an excellent primer on the death of the Roman republic.


Of course, this strains credulity, and it’s also to Everitt’s credit that he provides the evidence allowing the reader to realize he’s stretching.

Jan 31, Steven Peterson rated it really liked it.

Despite constantly aimin As a Classicist, I’ve eeveritt had a soft spot for old Cicero. Paradoxically, then, after a lifetime of political disappointments, Cicero’s greatest hour was also his last. Cciero paints a comprehensive picture of Cicero’s life at least, as comprehensive as possible given the sometimes sporadic record of his lettersand adequately places him in the context of the events of his day. Read more Read less. When I think Cicero, I think of his quotes.

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We’re featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book. And although I’ve read about him from many different biographical fictions in addition, Stoner’s Augustus gave me a more dislikeable view of CiceroI never really read his own full biography, so this book was a good start.

Ships from and everktt by Amazon. Mar 15, Brian rated it really liked it. Feb 13, Matt rated it really liked it Shelves: