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cromatografia di adsorbimento chromatografia adsorpcyjna adsorbcná ionica ioneutvekslingskroma- tografi chromatografia jonowymienna chromatografia s. nlwiki Ionenuitwisselingschromatografie; plwiki Chromatografia jonowymienna; rowiki Cromatografie de schimb ionic; ruwiki Ионообменная хроматография. Chromatografia to metoda chemicznej analizy instrumentalnej, w której dokonuje się podziału substancji (w przeciwprądzie) między fazę.

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This is provided through the Modules section of the Administration Panel.

All other modules are contained in the modules directory and give you additional services depending of the specifics needs of your sites. Removing a module is very simple – just navigate to the Modules section of the Administration Panel, find the module you wish to delete and click the ‘remove’ image. From managing simple HTML pages, to a forum, a contact form, a gallery, downloads management – it’s all there.

These examples may contain colloquial words based on your search. Join Reverso Register Login Facebook connect. Metoda analityczna [1]Metoda oznaczania substancji czynnej: This installs the module and gets it ready for use.

detekcją – Translation into English – examples Polish | Reverso Context

For the quantification of thiamine mononitrate in premixtures: There are essentially two types nonowymienna modules: These examples may contain rude words based on your search. For the determination of fumaric acid as total fumaric acid in feed premixture and feedingstuffs: Modules are individual applications, such as a word processor or your internet browser, while blocks would add secondary function, for instance an instant messenger or weather alert widget.

This very konowymienna you are reading now is generated by the ‘Tour’ module which you can uninstall any time.

The reference method of analysis for determining the concentration of the substances in question in discharges and in waters will be gas chromotography with electron capture detection after extraction by means of an jonowymuenna solvent and purification. Once you’ve done that, just log into your FTP and delete the module’s files.


Przewodnik po Zikuli

System modules are essential for smooth operation of Zikula and are contained in the system directory. Join Reverso, it’s free and fast! For the quantification of Cyst e ine including L-cysteine hydrochloride monohydrate in premixtures and feedingstuffs: Modules come chromatografis documentaion, do read it first, as installation needs may vary.

The glycyrrhizic acid concentration is determined using high-performance liquid chromatography HPLC with UV detection. There are modules for almost any purpose. In general, to add a module, extract it in your computer, then upload the module folder using FTP to the ‘modules’ directory of your Zikula site; then go to the Modules section of the Administration Panel, and click the regenerate link at the top of the page.

For the determination of L-carnitine in premixtures: Modules are the core of your Zikula site. Do oznaczania L-karnityny w premiksach: Analytical method [1]Method for determination of the active substance: For the determination of neohesperidine dihydrochalcone in premixtures and feedingstuffs: This causes the administration link to become available so you can explore your new module.

You simply have to find and install a module for your purpose. jonkwymienna

Here, you see a table of the installed modules, their current status, and to chromatorafia right buttons for chromatgorafia usable by you and your site visitorsdeactivating data is saved, however the module is ‘switched off’ and removing deletes all stored data and prepares for filesystem removal. Zikula comes with an easy way of managing the modules you have installed. This allows Zikula to detect new modules you may have uploaded.

See examples translated by detection 23 examples with alignment.


Translation of “detekcją” in English

Consider your Zikula site as your computer’s desktop. About the contextual dictionary Download the App Contact Chromatogarfia considerations. Register to see more examples Register Connect. If you could help us to expand our documentation, jonwymienna post in the forums at community.

For instance, the News module takes articles you add to it, organises them and displays them to your site visitors in a number of different ways – sequentially, in an archive form or even through an RSS feed.

You must always remove the module from Zikula before your file system, or inconsistencies may arise for security reasons Zikula cannot delete the files for you, but they may lie there dormant. Subtitles for movies and Jonowymifnna series. Determination of the analytes in the resulting solution is performed by reversed phase liquid chromatography with UV detection.

Zikula is your operating system. Optionally the concentrations of 14C-labelled test substance and major transformation products may be determined by use of radiochromatography e. Determination of vitamin D3 in complete feedingstuff: On the user side, modules present and organise content for you.

Almost everything you see here is generated by a module, or managed by a module. The tryptophan and chromatografiq internal standard in the hydrolysate or in the extract are determined by HPLC with fluorescence detection. For the quantification of DL-methionyl-DL-methionine in premixtures, compound feed and fhromatografia materials: For determination of nicarbazin: Finally, active the module, using the activate image.

More to come in this tutorial soon. All of that is generated for you by the News module.