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Christopher Jon Bjerknes is the author of Albert Einstein ( avg rating, 10 ratings, 1 review, published ), The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christ. The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians has 5 ratings and 1 review. Kate said: Beware this writer. Christopher Jon Bjerknes is a notorious anti-semiti. Christopher Jon Bjerknes ยท Secrets of the Crypto Tribe Jews (Sabbatean & Frankist). by Abel Danger Christopher Jon Bjerknes – Worldwide Zionist Domination.

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The Jewish bankers used their crimes as an excuse to keep their murderous hordes in power in the Soviet Union. Emin rated it it was amazing Nov 28, Well, what were these other goals so important that they needed to delay founding Israel for them? Open Preview See a Problem?

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Christopher Jon Bjerknes (Author of Albert Einstein)

Three minutes in to an eleven minute video, it forgets the topic and just spits out every anti-Semitic conspiracy theory it can think of. Well, that was a ride. Their primary objective was to establish a segregated “Jewish State” in Palestine. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

bjwrknes About Christopher Jon Bjerknes. I’d like to ask that you edit in a bibliography at the bottom though, as we’re trying to make it standardised practice here.

Lists with This Book. The full rules can be found in our wiki. Juan Ruiz marked bjerlnes as to-read Nov 27, He also has a cjristopher called Jewish Racism. It does say that Bjedknes has interviews on Youtube and a blog, so let’s see those. One source for some of these kinds of conspiracy theories are actual government documents from around the turn of the 20th century.


Jews DO have horrific weapons That actually doesn’t sound that sinister. This seems to be a set-up to that for me. Posts about comparing current political figures or events to the past are also not allowed. They basically stated that, “You can not depose the Jews, because they have killed 30 million people and the nations will retaliate against the Jews for those atrocities.

For example, Jpn think the whole Jewish Young Turks idea is coming from British foreign office documents. Actually, I should probably first check where he’s getting interviewed.

And like Prometheus’ fire, it carries with it a curse and existential threat to life on Earth.

Christopher Jon Bjerknes – Part 1 : badhistory

Does an anti-semite really sit down one day and plot out some theory about how the Jews took over the Ottoman Empire and were responsible for the Armenian genocide? There must be a Jewish world government. It is a discovery which has elevated us above the animals to a height bjerknss approaches the lofty abode and celestial views of the gods.

Hitler will persecute the Jews, and they’ll come to Palestine. Nukes were not used to bomb the wooden cities cyristopher Hiroshima and Nagasaki. David marked it as to-read Dec 24, One of the reasons the British issued the Balfour Declaration was to win the support of Jewish bankers like the Rothschilds, because they assumed the Rothschilds were part of some kind of international Jewish conspiracy.

The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians

This jom some Olympic level mental gymnastics. Anyway, now it forgets that Armenia exists and becomes a game of “Name the anti-Semitic conspiracy! Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands.

So he’s a crazily anti-Semitic Jew. All these are the Messianic goals of Judaism and they see that these are in fact the goals that are being carried out by these people. CJB now goes on to say that the Jews saw the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire as the only way to gain Palestine, so they cut a deal with treacherous Armenians that “the Armenians would betray their people to a massacre”, which would enrage the West so much that they would invade, partition the Ottoman Empire, and divide the Ottoman Empire into states for the Armenians bjernkes Arabs, allowing the Jews to seize Palestine.


Nejat Akay rated it it was amazing Apr 06, Well, you see, when the Jews tried and failed to put a Bolshevik government in Bavaria, they decided that apparently the Germans don’t like communism; they’ll create an artificial anti-communist ideology to take over Germany.

The First Congress of Ottoman Opposition was in Turkic culture was the main one in the Ottoman Empire, but Arab culture was also very big. Are you an author? Ali rated it it was amazing Jun 12, And that’s the extremely abbreviated version; I cut out about three-quarters of it. It’s somehow bjerknnes than I thought from the title. Please leave corrections as comments! What’s the description of this? Brigading may result in bans and deletions of linked threads. Somaya marked it as to-read Dec 22, Of course, it was actually the Rothschilds who were bankrupting the country so that they could force the Sultan to sell christoper Palestine.

If these are difficult to follow, post in the weekly Small Bad History thread.