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In her fifth Drake Sisters novel, #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan introduces Hannah, one of seven extraordinary women who. Read “Safe Harbor” by Christine Feehan with Rakuten Kobo. **In her fifth Drake Sisters novel, #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan. One of seven daughters in a line of extraordinary women, Hannah Drake has been the elusive object of affection for Jonas Harrington for as long as the young .

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Safe Harbor by Christine Feehan

Reaching into his shirt pocket he pulled out a photograph, the single one he carried, the one that mattered. But just as they’ve finally found some sort of understanding, the heroine is brutally attacked-slices to ribbons by a psychotic fan and she almost dies. Jun 03, Cheri rated it ffeehan liked it. There isn’t going to be geehan surprise relationships because the men already appear in their lives, so in a way it makes perfect sense that each of the romances when focused on won’t take a whole book to develop.

She is just many contradictions in one and that makes her a unique character. This is Hannah Drake’s story, the supermodel, and the man who has loved her since childhood. Ilya says even with her throat cut she asked for Jonas. She stayed locked up in her bedroom and didn’t let anyone in but Jonas who bullied her into opening the door and I think she thought about running away, but never got up christinee courage to do it.

The plot of the story begins with Jonas getting in over his head, as the result of doing a favor for a friend with whom he used to work on the type of government assignments you never talk about later.

And although the characters christone understand what’s going on, the reader can figure it out.

And that to me is the one of a kind love that I think most of us as wafe aspire to fwehan at This by far has been my favorite book by: I really enjoyed reading about each of the 7 sisters, and loved the interaction between them.

Cardboard and other trash, hurtled through the air, slamming into anything in its path as the wind made its way to the back of the alley where it curved and began to race in a horrifying circle around and around, faster and faster, building more speed and ferocity.


Arguments go on for 20 pages, where the characters say the same things over and over. The rain was relentless, pouring down on them, driven sideways by the wind, but still they seemed wrapped in a cocoon of protection. And she clearly loves her family very much, I guess I just don’t gage with her personality The Part of the ‘Drake Sisters’ series and another awesome book!

I loved that it finally put two people together who had been mentioned in previous books in the series. It’s on I won’t even try to deny my love for this type of relationship. I didn’t know what it meant that she was drinking out of his cup, if it had some meaning or not. This book also seemed centered more on Jonas than Hannah and I liked it, Jonas was full of guilt and turmoil, yet he was need Safe Harbor is the fifth book in the series.

Desperate, she sent the wind, a rush of air to wrap around him and then the darkness took her too. She commanded the five elements, Earth, the most physical of all elements, fire, both powerful and frightening, air, always moving, her favorite, her constant companion and guide, providing visualization, concentration and the power of the four winds, water, the psychic mind and of course spirit, the binding force of the Universe itself.

Jonas felt his heart skip a beat. Videos About This Book. There is no worse offender than Safe Harbor. You submitted the following rating and review. Then again what happened to the other sisters boyfriends? He obviously was aware of the camera, his face hidden, a long bulky coat covering his body.

Hannah Drake one of seven daughters born to the seventh daughter in a line of extraordinary women. The screams grew frantic. Jonas forced his feet to keep shuffling, every step wrenching at his insides, the pain grinding through his body until he could only clench his teeth and try to breathe it away. The wind picked up on her fear—on her anger as she received another flash of sight from Jackson. No one had ever gotten anything worthwhile on the Tarasov family.

He has an overwhelming urge to protect her. View all 12 comments. She’s slashed up but a maniac, but between the plastic surgeon and the Drake powers it’s like it never happened. It sounded too close to good-by.


The portrayal of her sisters babying her which was once completely normal, sweet, and welcomed in previous books is now considered coddling, annoying, and an upsetting harbog to Hannah while she feels sorry for herself. Lair of the Lion. I loved when everyone came together at the hospital to heal her, that was really well done and full of emotion. The hard asses were coming in first, staying to the shadows but definitely advancing.

I wanted her to leave to get away from Jonas’s insensitivity and everything, but of course she didn’t. The love scenes were very hot and sexy and in fact the whole love story between these christtine was just beautiful. He stood swaying, the only thing steady was his gun hand.

Jonas took his time, waiting for a muzzle flash as one of cheistine gave his position away by firing up at Jackson.

Safe Harbor Book Summary and Study Guide

But the rest of the book was pure torture to read through. Okay, it’s a given that she is going to be small given that she’s borderline anorexic because of stresses from her agent.

May 11, Kandice Dover rated it really liked it. I could barely put it down. Tiny pinpoints of light lit up the sky around her fingers as she continued to gather and direct the force to her bidding. Wow, I didn’t know this was like a horror film where the character just gets slashed so brutally. Christine Feehan has had more than forty novels published, including titles that have hit number one on the New York Times bestseller list.

Both Hannah and Jonas suffered horribly, and yet still believed in their love for each other.

Already having a bad body imagine despite being a stunning supermodel, she’s now ashamed of her face and horrified at the monster she thinks she become.