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Editorial Reviews. From Library Journal. In his first novel, historian Coe has crafted an elegantly written fantasy. The Children of Amarid, mages who have. Further prophetic dreams follow, and before long Jaryd learns that he is destined to be one of the Children of Amarid, a Hawk-Mage, bound to a fighting hawk. Children of Amarid, and its sequels, The Outlanders and Eagle-Sage, which I have also revised for re-issue later this year, made up my first.

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Epic fantasy at its best! I greatly enjoyed this series, with very few objections. Kind of the way I knew I would need to rotate the tires on my car at some point. Return to Book Page. Baden believes that the violence is being perpetrated by the restless spirit of Theron, a long-dead, cursed mage. One of my favorites.

I don’t know if I like this chidlren or not. Jaryd is coming of age, and has started having strange dreams – ones that come true.

Children of Amarid | David B. Coe, Author of Fantasy

But its idyllic peace is being disturbed by terrible rumors of mages seen committing horrible, violent acts, destroying crops, burning villages to the ground, and murdering innocents. Mass Market Paperbackpages. I argued with him the entire time, but he never heard a word of amariid. There should have been at least a few more lessons: Almost by, well, magic. I’m looking forward to book 2.


What more can I say?

Somewhat predictable if you’ve read much other fantasy, but still enjoyable fhildren that I’ll read the other two in the trilogy. The first book was quick paced, gave great in-depth character profiles, and set the scene beautifully. Recently, dark rumors have spread across Tobyn-Ser. The best book ever This is the first fantasy novel that I read as a young adult and I have read this book more often than any other.

David B Coe — Children of Amarid Re-Released!

We are good, they are evil This was really taken for granted in the beginning of the book, but waned towards the end when we found out more about the enemy. Looking forward to the next book Od Outlanders. Instead of making the call, I read his letter again. The boy always gets the girl. I thought that most of this interior dialogue could have been cut or expressed in a much faster fashion, and I thought it was often repetitive.


Children of Amarid

There were really no shades of grey involved. Aug 29, Peter Smith rated it really liked it. The author’s first novel.

The use of magic by mages is pretty much instinctive. In this universe familiars–usually birds–are the conduit by which mages control and wield their magic.

David B Coe — Children of Amarid Re-Released! | Faith Hunter

And in many ways this is the most important lesson: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. So Jaryd finds himself journeying to the city of Amarid with Baden to be initiated into the order.

Lesson number two learned: Jun 22, Gregory rated it really liked it. The rumors even say that Theron m Tobyn-Ser is a gentle, bounteous land of small villages and close-knit communities, of dark woods and swift-running streams, of broad plains and clear lakes. Sep 08, Sam Morris rated it really liked it.

Talk about rude awakenings. One of the first books fantasy books I ever bought. Jaryd just wants to survive another day.