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ChemSketch has two modes, each with different toolbar functions: You will start in individual features, please consult the software manual or Help menu. ACD/ChemSketch is a powerful structure drawing and naming software program. This Technical Note After all radicals have been created, choose the manual. Introduction to ChemSketch. ChemSketch is a free download for educational use. It can be used to produce structures of organic molecules, names of organic.

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Starting with version 10, the functions of Import are duplicated in Open.

Draw any molecule and dock it flexibly to any protein with coordinates known

Click on the rectangular button labeled Copy to 3Dnear lower left corner of screen Fig 4, below. Now, put a Cl at the 2-position replacing the H. If you know of other exceptions, please let chemdketch know.

Both use functions on the left-hand column of buttons. It may or may not work. Now, click on the O tool for oxygenon the toolbar along the left side; the O tool will light up. Many times you will have to expand a collapsed structural formula and show the correct sterochemistry and geometry. Or you can choose an item from the list there, and press insert. This was illustrated in the section Stereochemistry: You want to convert it to a 3D structure.

Except for this one special step, specifying the file type, viewing the file in RasMol is entirely normal. If you chemskefch the molecule, you can see the anti staggered arrangement of the C-H bonds. Getting and installing ChemSketch C. Two mwnual the tool buttons are already “lit chemsketdh when you open ChemSketch. Note that the Lewis structures template has a second page, with some instructions.


If you do not see the buttons described chemsketc, see the paragraphs immediately above. Find the section of the Table of Radicals called Cycles. Drawing of double bonds is introduced in a section below: Many of these are file formats used by other programs that deal with chemical structures.

The wedge bond tools are at about 50 on the tool bar just above the ruler; see Fig 2. On the General tab, manaul Use Antialiasing. Similarly, Save As and Export are now equivalent.

You can also reach this by pressing F6.

You will know when the pointer is properly positioned because a faint box will appear around the C atom you have chosen along chsmsketch its hydrogens. One of its few drawbacks is that it is somewhat complicated to learn.

ChemSketch – An Introductory Guide

Toggle among them by right-clicking, or by pressing one of the toolbar buttons or choose View on chejsketch menu bar. In this example, wedge bonds are used to show a specific stereoisomer at a stereocenter. IrfanView is at https: This illustrates the general procedure for changing one atom to another in a ChemSketch structure. To add a second benzene ring to your structure, position the pointer over any specific atom of the first ring, and single click.

See the section Naming mnual.


Or, click on the lasso tool, so the pointer no longer carries anything. However, if you have any experience with drawing programs then some aspects of it should be easier for you to learn. The pointer will still carry the benzene ring.


This tool, named “Draw Normal”, is the tool you use for ordinary drawing. Tools Panels in Drawing Mode. It is amazing that ChemSketch is freeware because it is a quite powerful chemical structure drawing program. More sets of templates are available from the Template Windowwhich is also on the Templates menu. To do this, go to Tools menu, and choose 3D Structure Optimization.

You maual toggle back and forth between the two programs.

The Reaction symbols template offers a small number of symbols, but perhaps of a more convenient size. Insert an equation into a ChemSketch document using Equation Editor. Notes about drawing this structure: What about Save and Save As? Unusual atoms labels X for halogen, Me, etc M. Each time you chemskegch on a bond, it will increase from single to double to triple bond, or will change from triple back to single. ChemSketch will put wedges wherever you tell it to — even if they are physically unreasonable.

The last section of the documentincludes instructions on embedding ChemSketch drawings into Office apps. Double bonds may or may not show in the 3D module — depending on the “view”. Information kanual how to turn on this feature was introduced in the section Getting and installing ChemSketch ; scroll down to Settingsat the end of that section.

You may mahual to get an older version of ChemSketch.