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Books Chasing Harry Winston The bestselling author of The Devil Wears Prada and Everyone Worth Knowing returns with the story of three best friends. The Devil Wears Prada author Weisberger delivers a hilarious, silly and entirely Chasing Harry Winston. Lauren Weisberger, Author. Chasing Harry Winston is a book written by Lauren Weisberger. This is a story of three best friends from college who are in their late twenties and who, one night.

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Newly single, she decides to take the promotion her boss has been offering her which will allow her to travel around the world to scope out new menu ideas and locations so he can expand his restaurant business.

Leigh is a book editor with the perfect weisnerger and sportscaster boyfriend but she’s suffering from panic attacks and some kind of strange OCD-like symptoms. Overall, this was a quick, fluffy read and I’m glad I didn’t devote more than a couple of laureh to it. Just because there are too many long paragraphs to say nothing wich was kind of lquren Some sort of life?

Within the first fifty pages, this book has superfluous language and sexual content that really had no redeeming quality. Overall, the book was a nice weiisberger and perfect for someone looking for a book about girls in the big city. This is how you know you grow up: Having said that, it was a fun story about fabulous neurotic characters All the “nice guys” got to me! If a really good author had written it, it could be really good.

Not because she’s insecure, mind you. It was sold in thirty-one foreign countries and made into a major motion picture by Fox starring Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway. Lily is an alcoholic and gets into a car crash. She was this close to the ring and the baby she’s wanted her whole life when her boyfriend left her for his twenty-three-year-old personal trainer – whose fees are paid by Emmy.


Chasing Harry Winston

The book was panned by critics and was voted ” 1 Worst Book of ” by Entertainment Weekly. Leigh isn’t in love with her boyfriend who later becomes her fiance but Weisberger makes a point of telling us that while she weisbegrer want to have sex with him, she isn’t repulsed by his touch, either. Click on a plot link to find similar books! I found Emmy’s struggles of trying to be happy for those around her Leigh getting engaged, her sister and brother-in-law having a baby even though she was jealous they were getting the life she always dreamed of to be realistic.

It seemed as though Weisberger was trying to write like Candace Bushnell, with less than desirable results.

Chasing Harry Winston eBook by Lauren Weisberger | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

The book affords Andrea no such gratitude as she curses Miranda to her face and is consequently fired. But I think what made the book unbearable to me at times was Adriana. Chasing Harry Winston by Lauren Weisberger. Or is he perfect? The Family Dinston, and moved to Allentown, Pennsylvania, at age eleven.

After mentioning her interest in writing classes to her boss, Richard Story, he referred her to his friend Charles Salzberg. Thus my long hiatus. Must redeem within 90 days.

Lauren Weisberger

I couldn’t put it down. At Parkland High Schoolin South Whitehall Township near Allentown, Weisberger was involved in intramural sports, some competitive sports, extra projects, and organizations. For instance, the decision to sleep with different men weisbdrger different continents is quite silly. It drove me nuts. And then you just want to slap her as well. Emmy’s character is absolutely obsessed with getting laurwn and having a baby.

It debuted at No.

Chasing Harry Winston by Lauren Weisberger

I love this book. But the funny thing was that she didn’t have the guts to really tell him it was bad, because he was such an acclaimed author. The three, supposedly heroine, girls are tarts and there is no nicer way to describe them; none has anything that might be l Bad, very bad, awfully bad.


Adriana is oh-so-cool that men want her and women want to be her, yet she very uncooly gushes over Salma Hayek, “Brangelina,” and, inexplicably for someone who doesn’t want children, Angelina’s son Maddox. And then a movie comes.

I am not going to mark this review as spoilerific, because I’m assuming that after the above comments no one wants to read the book anyway. The breakdown for discussion of book 5 26 Aug 24, Jeanine’s books in View all 4 comments.

I love books that show the friendships of ladies. This doesn’t even start with the fact that I can’t identify with any of the girls or why they are friends. Totally Mills and Boon type thing with the woman suddenly filled with self-loathing, in fact so much self-loathing that even you start wondering what on earth the guy sees in her. Retrieved January 29, Seriously, she was absolutely pathetic. The Devil Wears Prada. After repeated urgings, she showed the finished work to agents; it sold within two weeks.

Everytime I feel like writing a book of my very own, I think of the hard work involved, the years that countless authors before me spent at college being groomed for writing. Weisberger chasung since appeared on the television talk shows Tout le monde en parle weisbergfr The Today Show. Aug 12, Nic rated it did not like it.

It’s all good, silly fun, and can even be clever in some cases. His name is Paul and they start dating. I really enjoyed weisberegr way the author presented three female personalities whom I could either relate to, or identify them among my female friends.