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2 Mar Charu Nivedita’s name-dropping of several Latin American writers is indicative of the kind of novel he wants Zero Degree to be. That divide of. 20 Aug Zero Degree – Charu Nivedita. Originally published in , the book caused a stir in the Tamil Literary scene for its non-linear narrative and. , English, Book edition: Zero degree / by Charu Nivedita ; translated 0°. Author. Cāru Nivētitā. Other Authors. Chakravarthy, Pritham K. Khanna, Rakesh.

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Zero Degree is good. Have you spoken to them? You keep talking about increasing my BP here and everywhere else while I have not. He says that those who approach human life as a quest to virtues, especially moral righteousness, seek vehemently an order that leads to aggression of one man against another in the form of authority, laws, rules and regulations.

However much the reader or listener or spectator is aroused by a provisional identification of what is in the work of art with real life, his ultimate reaction — so far as he is reacting to the work as a work of art — must be detached, restful, contemplative, emotionally free, beyond indignation and approval. Whatever you have said has already been said by Charu. Slouching Towards Bethlehem Joan Didion. If you think his work is having a bad influence on the community what about other problems like corruption, poverty, red tapism, political fiascos, dynasty rule.

Another method Nivedita uses to discombobulate the reader is the random name-dropping of several authors from across the world, in particular Latin American authors in Spanish. In case if you change your mind, let me know. As rightly pointed out by the author of this post in the previous comment, this is a literary discussion. You guys keep referring to California State University.


Jun 27, Jeffy Joseph rated it really liked it Shelves: Notify me of new comments via email.

On Charu Nivedita’s ‘Zero Degree’ (Trans. by Pritham K. Chakravarthy & Rakesh Khanna)

They need to take efforts like Charu Niveditha to promote nivediga better and get their works translated into English. This review quotes some adult content and contains text that may be offensive to you.

I want to kiss your fingertips while they linger there, caressing the roots of time. He wants to shock the tamil community to garner attention as he is not that popular in Tamilnadu. It is just a construct. If he persists or others are tempted to as wellI will consider contacting you, I promise. View all 4 comments. First, remember everything you are told and have believed a novel is, particularly the Indian novel.

His works are piece of junk, a substandard writer, who has bloated ego and empty brain. But He is a warrior,he will keep fighting until peace prevails. But art does not excite, or, if it does, the excitation is appeased, within the terms of the aesthetic experience. No one is forcing him to live here! The story failed to touch me at all.

Mostly a feeling of revulsion occurs.

He employs his strength. It was the first thing I read without any knowledge of theory, tradition, or even its own cult status, and it left a gouging impact on my mind. He is quite a unique and original writer in this sense.

Do you think when Charu compared Swami Nithyananda to god, he did not know the perversion that was going on in the ashram? And, when the truth — that Zeero is a fake — came out, Charu wrote about that too. Let him get kicks out of this…do not interfere please.

Now, he tries to write one a year targeting the Chennai book fair.

Life Honestly The Pool. This site uses cookies. How can the most beautiful human being chat the way he usually chats with his female readers? Mar 10, Dhevathi Rajan rated it really liked chqru. In the days when Muniyandi was a part of the literati scene, a theatre troupe from Mexico visited Chennai and asked zsro it was possible to meet him; was he in the nation?


I have been living in the US for 20 years and I know how a broken family messes up the kids and hence the society. And stop with this whole gullibility crap — we can equally call you a pathetic fool full of paranoia and moral outrage who cannot find an outlet anywhere else, so he turns up on the web and trolls people. Goodreads is the defree largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. But Charu is Brave and he is real!!

BrainDrain: Zero Degree – Charu Nivedita

I read all those novels in Tamil. In watever ways he can. Crowds seethed at him as he passed by the streets. Jan 26, Vviisshhwwaa rated it it was ok. Like one of the other posters said, separate the writer from his writing.

Now I started hating this book and Charu. Charu NiveditaIndian LiteratureTamil. A lot remains in Tamil, untranslated. In his novel Exile — he talks about the supreme love between the narrator and a married woman?

Zero Degree : Charu Nivedita :

He is much more than that. These guys are following him like a cult. Deggee book is definitely written in a way to provoke mainstream “polite” Tamil society and is as far away from what is considered “acceptable” literature as one can imagine.

Referring to your website is one thing that I am very thankful to Charu for.