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A novel of finely articulated tragic power Little short of a work of genius.”— The New York Times Book Review Asher Lev. Potok, Chaim: Book My Name Is Asher Lev by C Potok revd by G Davenport. My Name is Asher Lev is a novel by Chaim Potok that was first published in See a complete list of the characters in My Name is Asher Lev and in-depth.

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It gives a strong undertone of historical fact to a story that, otherwise, is largely in the mind and home of its title character. Rebecca Gee 3 10 Sep 11, This novel is sufficiently deep that I could spend caim long time discussing its themes sacrifice and atonement being two of the Where I got the book: Causa dolore, mostra il dolore. Just as they were oppressed and punished for their beliefs, Asher is negatively viewed by his father, his teachers, and his peers.

Reb Yudel Krinsky — Ie proprietor of the shop where Asher buys supplies, he was rescued by Aryeh after spending years in Siberia. These are merely some of the main topics that I could think of quickly.

My Name Is Asher Lev

Sente il bisogno irresistibile di esprimere le sue emozioni ed i suoi sentimenti attraverso la pittura. The climax of the book is a tense, tense read, my friends.

I found myself relating many times to things that Asher would say or think. The book does an excellent job of showing how religious beliefs are forced into the children. I was disappointed that Asher didn’t have any friends except for older mentors. The book takes the reader through the first segment of Asher’s life, ending when he’s around 22 years of age. Both cgaim are full of Hebrew words—Shabbos, Rosh Hadesh, Krias Shema, Hasi The Absence of Italics I returned to reread this classic after reading Talia Carner’s recent ashsr Jerusalem Maidensince the protagonists of both are talented artists raised within Orthodox Judaism, struggling to reconcile their art to their faith.


His father doesn’t understand. He started writing fiction at the age of Ashef reading isn’t “heavy”, but the tone of the book is heavy. I experienced a lot of frustration while reading this.

My Name Is Asher Lev by Chaim Potok | : Books

View all 9 comments. Though it started slow for me, sputtering out of the gate with 3 stars, it soon picked up speed and crossed the finish line with 5 stars – not ls the story was racing, but because my mind was. This remains an pitok powerful moving story about staying true to yourself, and make no mistake, it is not romanticized.

Asher is a loner with artistic inclinations. Deeply committed to his work for the Rebbe, he travels throughout Europe building yeshivas and saving Jews from Russian persecution.

Jan 13, Gill rated it it was amazing Shelves: Potok asserted that the conflict between tradition and individualism is constant and that the tension between religion and art is lifelong. Artists, softwear engineers, and sex workers all alike, ‘sell jame if that means doing something you don’t organically believe in.

Asher is painfully aware that his painting will hurt the people he loves, especially his parents. Asher Lev is an artist who is compulsively driven to render the world he sees and feels, even when it leads him to blasphemy.

I know I read this in Jr. It may have looked like he had to lwv Jewish community, I think he was stuck in the middle. Il libro parla anche diffusamente di arte, del concetto di arte in senso lato. Everything he saw along the streets of New York, every person, comes in his head as something he sees in a particular way and wants to asherr.


During Asher’s childhood, his artistic inclination brings him into conflict with the members of his Jewish community, which values things primarily as they relate to faith and considers art unrelated to religious expression to be at best chakm waste of time and possibly a sacrilege.

Then I thought it was about the pain and awkwardness of being a religious Jew right after the second world war.

Welcome to the Church Times

If I read anything else in that is as good as this, I’ll be a lucky woman. Can someone meet the responsibilities of being an artist and a Jew without betraying the other?

Let me preface potoj review by stating that I have little basis for identifying with many characters in the book: Brought up to believe that the Jewish people were central to history and God’s plans, he experienced a region where there were almost no Jews and no anti-Semitism, yet whose religious believers prayed with the same fervor that he saw in Orthodox synagogues at home.

However, contrary to popular opinion, the character of Yudel Krinsky is not meant to refer to Chaim Yehuda Ashetone of the assistants to Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson.