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1 Jun This month Cessna’s Caravan turboprop is the focus for with various types of landing gear- allowing it to operate in a wide variety of environments. compares the Caravan to its competition factoring direct costs. 21 Mar Operating Costs for Cessna PQ (GPH): Fuel Costs/Gallon: Fuel Costs/HourOil Costs per HourMaintenance. Operating Costs. Caravan Caravan w/Floats Developed from Cessna’s Pilot Operating Handbook for the stage length shown. Average Speed and.

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If you have a management company, they will often times pass their fleet discounts on to owners. If operated privately by the owner for pleasure, a Porter may be a good choice.

The Caravan has the seating capacity for nine passengers whereas the Meridian and TBM C2 can each accommodate five. The Caravan can be fitted with seats or cargo holds.

Interesting that it thinks the C is more expensive than PC6 – fairly sure that’s not right.

Find More Posts by Critter1. I have no first-hand experience xaravan Caravans, but I have been told that compared to a Grand Caravan they handle like sports cars vs pick-up trucks. Seating and aft CG issues may make the Porter a poor choice, depending on the mission.

What level of experience will you require for your pilot and copilot? Well I earn Pesos so that sounds very cheap. The Grand Caravan passenger model was eventually derived from the Super Cargomaster.

Navigate at your leisure. The shorter the trips, the lower the turnover, training and salary you will have to pay. I Agree that the Caravan is definitely cheaper.


Not sure how many up your way are available in the configuration you want I think most in Europe are set up for skydiving ops but the PAC XL carries a good load off short strips.

The Cessna Caravan began deliveries in Non Airline Transport Stuff News and issues not relating to airline transport but still involving aviation.

Maintenance Scheduled maintenance events, which are required and predetermined by the manufacturers specifications, can be predicted and costs controlled since they can be performed close to home base at prenegotiated rates. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

Aircraft Operating Cost CARAVAN

Lower fees can also be obtained by relocating to less populated areas and ferrying the aircraft back and forth which will increase the number of flight hours and maintenance cycles. The Porter is a very enjoyable plane to fly although it has issues to consider. Find Costa Posts by Runaway Gun. BB code is On. Some high density locations offer shared hangar space which is offered on a first come-first served basis and is a good option for caragan who will be away from home base often.

Operating costs for C208B and PC-6

Operating costs for CB and PC Mike Chase Mike Chase has thirty-five year’s extensive global managerial experience in marketing, Will you hire a management company or will you have your pilots manage the operation? Check with your insurance provider to see what types of requirements they may have. As the chart displays, fixed costs are spread over more hours, the more you fly up to the point where additional crew will be required.

Over the past 12 months opfrating the end of April the Caravan has averaged 3. Originally Posted by Sam Rutherford. Login To submit a review. The cabin volume available for passengers and amenities. Fixed Costs Total Fixed Costs are expenses which are required no matter how many hours you fly.


The long range cruise speed flown to achieve that range; 3. The Grand Caravan is great all around, about the only downside is its take off performance and, for soft airstrips, weight and tire pressure. Cravan you are not hiring a management company, you may wish to add a crew member for times when you have turnover, training or other scheduling issues.

Insurance Insurance costs will vary by type and operatinng of coverage, size of fleet and other factors. Crew cosrs There are two primary companies who provide crew training and both offer discounts for large fleet operators.

Many variants also include an under-belly cargo pod- which can cagavan used for additional freight capacity- or for passenger baggage.


Others may choose different parameters- but serious business aircraft buyers are usually impressed with Price- Cessja Speed and Cabin Size.

Some questions to ask yourself before committing to a crew budget:.

I really enjoyed my time flying Porters, but I would be very hard pressed to recommend operating one over a Grand Caravan commercially unless the Caravan does not have the performance needed.