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Study Flashcards On CBSPD at Quickly memorize the terms, Material Safety Data Sheets for chemicals. Ethics is the practice of? Doing the right. Disclaimer: The purchase of the study material below is optional and is not the best or only means of preparation for any CBSPD exam. NOTE: Due to rising. CBSPD * The Certification Board for Sterile Processing and Distribution. is an INDEPENDENT CBSPD Ambulatory Surgery Study Guide – 3rd Edition; 2.

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That’s pretty high if you ask me. April Surgical Instrument Processor Packet.

Cdollie in Houston, Texas. I am pretty sure that if the right people saw this post they could keep you from sitting for the test again or if you have already taken it and passed, they could revoke your certification. I said all of that to say this Of course a lot of the questions concerned draping and general surgical field questions.

Just be careful what you reveal. Are there any specific areas i need to intrest myself. It was pretty resonable IMHO. I am going to be taken the certification test soon, I dont know what book to get to study from, and I was wondering what kind of questions are on there. Join EndoGal to learn all about the proper care of endoscopes through mini-games about decontam, cleaning verification, storage and microbial surveillance.


About Games StudyGuides Questions? These are hard copy versions of our book and merchandise order forms. I still have all my books and notes and clinical performance sheets.

I am excited and nervous at the same time. Patricia Thomas in Jackson, Tennessee.

I heard there were alot bcspd anesthesia questions God, I hope I pass. Unfortunately, I did not take the certification test and it’s now four years later. Not because I was ever asked to or made to. Job title, keywords, or company.

CBSPD Download Page

EndoGal is gude with a new learning adventure! The set of re-cert packets are for members that are due for re-certification in FebApril and May If anyone has any helpful tips or bits of knowledge, please help me out thanks Reply.

Cdollie in Houston, Texas said: A new Flash-based game that takes you on an adventure of learning the in’s and out’s of temperature importance and monitoring. April Supervisor Packet. IMHO, as I’ve stated above, the test is easy. Jen in New Cbspr, Michigan. Most employers do not require certification, but that will soon change with all the BS legislation, but then that legislation MAY serve to lift pay scales for the job Return of the Clean Brothers: Most facilities give you time to get it, being military you should have no trouble at all my friend Well, I thought I had to give actual info off the test to get in trouble.

It may take up to 5 minutes xtudy download depending on your internet connectionbut it is a FREE program. Feb Technician Packet. Mine had medication, a lot of crna meds, and common sense. I postponed the gide twice cuz I was afraid thati would fail Im currently in the Navy and certification was never an issue.


Help the PPE Police ensure safety at the local hospital. Indeed reserves the right to remove any posts which Indeed feels are not relevant to jobs and company search. I am etudy ready to transfer from the depeartment I am in back into surgery.

Has anyone taken the certification test?

Hello want kind of material did you study for the exam? Joyce in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Earn one CEU when you complete the quiz at the end of the game! If that were actually true they stduy publish books with the material we need.

Now in saying that, my friend took the practice test the same day I did and guid a few more than I did, but she also took her CST test this past Wed. Theres basic instruments and until you get into a specialty, you wont use any weird ones and when you do you will learn them.

Also, check out our “web links” page on this site for sources of CEUs.