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Allegiance (Legacy Trilogy, book 2) by Cayla Kluver – book cover, description, publication history. 1 Mar He couldn’t help his past any more than he could help the way those intense, deep blue eyes pierced me and held me captive. 4 Jan A teen romance that delivers a softer, more innocent love story than the publisher’s well-known adult tomes.

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The heart wants what the heart wants, and I was impressed with how she kept to her convictions and became stronger because of them. I swear, it won’t be Narian that overthrows Hytanica, it’ll be Alera’s stupidity and stupidity and stupidity that causes the cyala to topple down inside out.

I enjoyed this story as much as Legacy, catla writing was still exemplary, rich and absorbing while a darker tone took over the book towards the end as war engulfed Hytanica.

Narian is leading the invasion of her country. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway.

Just well you least expect, something happens. And Alera’s failure to accept the consequences of her actions or even own up to them is disheartening. Despite my efforts to quiet them, my hands were shaking, for my heart was laden with dread at the thought of the power Steldor would soon wield as King. For Narian is destined to conquer Hytanica at the behest of his master, the powerful magic-user known as the Overlord.

I loved Legacy mostly because at the time I thought it was well-written and it was written by someone barely a few years older than I was. For the young readers this is intended for there kluvwr several scenes and circumstances that might not be helpful. The story and plotline were aligned perfectly with the conflicts and characters.

Allegiance (The Legacy Trilogy): Cayla Kluver: : Books

Exit West Mohsin Hamid. Allegiance is my favourite book! She isn’t doing anything, at all. I want to offer her a sleepover party invitation just so I can then snatch it back and dance around like a tiny little meanie gleefully crowing “SIKE!


I love this series so much that I had to find character representations and theme songs and make a book trailer The author definitely has a way to connect the reader with the characters themselves, the bonds you feel with them is just as great as the ones you have in real life. Will there be a betrayal? She waited as Steldor turned to face the nobility and then draped it over his powerful frame.

Legacy (novel series) – Wikipedia

I almost stopped reading all together but I dared to push on so I can find out what happened to Narian. I mean, YA fiction isn’t big on the realism, but this is to some really disturbing levels. The talent this nineteen year old withholds is enormous, she has created complex and dynamic characters and landscapes, and they seem so real and tangible. As Steldor drew closer to the thrones, the priest moved into the aisle, not speaking until my husband had halted ten paces from him.


He has made many choices that make him seem much less the hero and much more the villan. He tortured people with magic, but those scenes were frankly just comical.

Without this, many of the characters and their relationships to Alera blend easily and feel ill-formed. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

Oh yeah, because he was the aklegiance who told the kidnappers how to get her. I didn’t even care about the characters that I liked, like London and Galen.

Why he left in the first place was what I needed to know and was probably the reason I kept on reading. She sits in her room for days, crying and reclusively shying from her public duty but by the end she’s definitely a different person with responsibilities so great that the future of Hytanica now rests on her shoulders. The Lord of the Rings J. Martin here with his penchant for fictional murders because: I have no problem with that, except that I felt much of the story was lost to this attempt at making A Point.


Published February 28th by HarlequinTeen first published January 1st Thankfully Cayla Kluver finally dished in Allegiance and I got all the dirty details. Want to read my review of Legacy instead? I find myself hating Alera’s passiveness and uselessness in this book. There are so many other fantastic characters in this novel, and as readers, we are blessed to learn a more detailed history of quite a few from the last book. Well the 2nd one was just as good as the first.

I understand she loves Narian and I get that, but for awhile there it seemed like a hopeless cause. If you’ve read Legacy, you’ll most likely dislike Steldor very strongly. Selected pages Page 9.

Because, you know, it’s entirely logical that her people don’t mind her annulling her marriage to the king Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire J. It was more well written, that’s true but i could still see a young person behind and sometimes i felt like the wrong words were picked to describe.

She claims she’s afraid of him, but by halfway into the book, you’ll probably have noticed that she’s afraid of pretty much everything. Not only that, but Cannan Steldor’s father becomes a much more involved character and yet another contender for my heart.

It’s really rare for a character to be that unlikeable, especially when it’s actually a first person narrative.

I think that if Kluver had picked a more normal YA, with not so much epic fantasy in it her writing would match better the story. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Okay, vayla for you. No longer arrogant and completely chauvanistic, he begins to show a great kluvver more compassion towards Alera. Of course I also liked all the focus on Steldor. Allegiance finds Alera as Queen of Hytanica, married to Steldor.