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31 Dec The Caverns of Thracia by Paul Jaquays is a good example of why Judges Guild is remembered so fondly by so many of us who started. Caverns of Thracia (Dungeons & Dragons) on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Classic D&D adventure, one of the best released by Judges. A Classic Reimagined Necromancer Games and Judges Guild have teamed up to expand and update the classic module Caverns of Thracia for 3rd Edition.

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It seems to me a character should be able to take at least one hit without dying. Since all hits do 1d6, why would you buy an expensive sword or bow? For the love of all that is holy, will someone just ask her about the book? If you want your starting characters to be more durable than that, though, I recommend the simple and expedient solution of starting them at 3rd level.

It’s the problem of making a copy of a copy. It was one of the few Judges Guild modules I ever played in my youth.

Judges Guild – The Caverns of Thracia

With the background complete, along with some charts for wandering monsters and patrols of gnolls or lizards, the book then dives into the adventure areas themselves. Sure, describing odd rooms can be tough.

Thousand Year Old Vampire. They went from more-or-less barging straight ahead to taking a gradually more cautious and clever approach. Sunday, February 22,cvaerns I do remember the first time I played with a group, though. The TSR productions should be regarded, not as an unattainable height, but as a target of quality which should be equaled or even surpassed.


Impressive ignorance and impressive competence bring impressive results. I try to overlook these things, but you’re right to bring them up.

We mark clearly which print titles come from scanned image books so that you can make an informed purchase decision about the quality of what you will receive. Sunday, February 22,3: These books were pretty much the genesis of the tabletop role-playing game genre. Recent History Caverns Of Thracia.

Saturday, February 21,5: Sunday, February 22,1: Bundles containing this product: Everyone else seemed to enjoy themselves. Dweredell City Supplement 2: I’ll also critique Moldvay’s X2 just read it over the holiday. Here is a sample of a page from a watermarked book: I can’t really blame Jaquays for this “The Dungeoneer” shows that he was thraciq hobbyist just like everyone else, he just happened to be way better at it!

It would have been 9 without the Constitution-based survival checks I was making. Although it is virtually never used in my campaigns for hauling stuff around, its usefulness as a transport across dangerous terrain for low-level characters has been useful on countless occasions. Rule 0 Fallacies hold little interest for me, eradicating — as they do — all basis for meaningful discussion or criticism.

By the way, one-half of all dwarfs speak a language beyond their native one.

Can we respond to you about this? This page was last edited on 23 Aprilat The caverns are now in the hands of the minotaur king, except for a small part of the first level, still controlled by the worshippers of Thanatos. It’s a game that requires very precise and detailed small squad military tactics. Open Preview See a Problem? Regarding sleep, Alt Text graded it here along with other first level spells. Also, their file size tends to be smaller than scanned image books. The final PC death tally stood at 7.


Caverns of Thracia (Judges Guild #) by Paul Jaquays

Opinions of the evening were split. Plus the paper gets wrinkled, or whatever. Some elements of the adventure will be relatively easy, for low-level groups to gain experience, while other areas may send great lords and heroes fleeing in terror! Instead, only the characters who were lucky and skilled would live through the first few levels.

Edge yhracia the Empire Core Rulebook. Descend even deeper into the darkness and discover a lost and arcane world that waits for those brave enough to enter! Tuesday, February 24,2: Log In with Facebook.

Guest Review: Caverns of Thracia

Which, as I noted, is probably because the section is poorly written. Tankersley I used to have my players do their own mapping. I didn’t realize at the time how distinct that was, but in some sense it set the seeds for Hickman, 2E, etc.