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7 May This Federal Item Identification Guide for Supply Cataloging is issued under the . appear in Cataloging Handbook H6, applicable to this FIIG. 2 Feb Cataloging Handbook H6, the alphabetic index of item names, includes a reference to FSC following each Approved Item Name. Changes to. PURPOSE: The Consolidated Cataloging Data Distribution List (CCDDL) is C/ C. Federal Item Name Directory. (Cataloging Handbook H6). H6-Series. C/E.

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Catalogue Persistent Identifier https: To learn more about Copies Direct watch this short online video. The document id may include numbers, letters, and dashes. Revisions are produced as required. A code indicating the status of the data for provisioning. The total number of times a line item is used in the assembly of which it is a part.

Table — Maintenance Replacement Rate Cagaloging.


Table — Spares Acquisition Integrated with Production. If the government or industry association specification or standard number does not fully identify the item, then the actual manufacturer’s identifying reference number becomes the first precedent reference number.

The list and the graphic presentation are on separate drawing sheets. Browse titles authors subjects uniform titles series callnumbers dewey numbers starting from optional.

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The total number of times the line item is affected by the design change. A unique number catalloging by the requiring authority to all items of equipment for which a specific service catalogging proponency see SB The structure of the FSC, as presently established, consists of 78 groups, which are handbokk into classes. A description in narrative form used to provide additional identification of an item to be included in a repair parts manual.


You may not alter or remove any trademark, copyright or other notice from copies of the content. The element is structured as follows: The most up-to-date authoritative source can be found at http: A two-position alphanumeric code used by the Navy to categorize material on the basis of requirements for source or quality control; technical design yandbook configuration control; procurement, stocking and issue control; special receipt, inspection, testing, storage, or handling.

The same practice applies to dash number parts. F Items identified with a volume, figure, and index number in the reference designation block. Consists of the following elements: The fiscal year is designated by the calendar year in which it ends.

When the unit numbering method is used, unit and subassembly handgook prefix of the reference designation shall consist of up to 19 positions.

There are seven elements that are described by the maintenance type: Cataloging handbook ; H 6. According to DLIS personnel, many standardized nomenclatures are already in use in some areas, such as electronics and aerospace.

A code that identifies a type of item and indicates categories into which support and test equipment, spares, repairs parts, etc.

Consists of seven subfields. The manufacturer is the company or government activity exercising design control over the item. Electric motors with an output less than A code that identifies the special packaging instruction revision.

Federal item name directory for supply cataloging [microform] | National Library of Australia

Each succeeding 2 digits correspond to additional sub-groupings, which further narrows the description of items in their respective sub-groups. This is illustrated in the chart on page The exhibit line item number that was assigned to the previous item procurement on an item affected by cataloginb. Almost on cue, the grouchy nonlogistician pushes by you, picks up the widget, and prepares to leave. The NIIN relates to one jandbook only one item of supply within the codifying country.


A narrative description identifying the chemical compound or mechanical mixture properties of which the item is fabricated.


The applications may be to a system, end item, component or combinations thereof, which are contained in the caatloging contract. It is round, the size of a donut, and made out of some type of metal, probably steel.

For nonelectronic items appearing in electronic equipment, use the identifying number or other symbol catalogung to identify the item e. A code that identifies resilient material employed for the purpose of absorbing shock and preventing damage to the item or material used for preventing movement of the item within the package. The expressed period of time after which certain items will be maintained in accordance with the Maintenance Action Code.

Schedule b codes are published in U.

A single character identifying an item for which an unserviceable unit will be turned-in on an exchange basis after receipt of a serviceable unit. Subscription discontinued with Jan.

You can view this on the NLA website. Leave blank if the item does not apply.