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Codex: Catachans is an expansion book for the Games Workshop Table Top game Warhammer 40, This book was published for the first time in , and . The Catachan Jungle Fighters sometimes referred to as “Baby Ogryns” due to their thick slabs of muscle, .. 2: Codex: Imperial Guard (3rd Edition, 1st Codex). Codex: Catachans is an expansion for the Games Workshop Table Top game Warhammer 40, It was released as a free PDF for download on the Games.

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The 4th was wiped out during the Invasion of Jucha while the 5th only met fierce resistance.

You could even make an elite fighting force entirely of Veterans without a regular Infantry Platoon. May not post to United States – Read item description or contact seller for postage options.

It is not uncommon for many squads to be made up of men related to each other. It went very badly for them and within a year they were almost wiped out.

Hellhound variants work well. These elite snipers are superior even to the skilled Sharpshooters and Imperial Guard Snipers used by other regiments. Frequently bought together Feedback on our suggestions – Frequently bought together. Catachan regiments are also blessed with a great number of skilled Field Chiurgeons. His special rules that make nearby units better in close combat means that he can really change the play style of an Imperial Guard army.

Guardsman Marbo is a great special character and really adds an interesting element to a Catachan themed force.

Catachan Jungle Fighters

Nork Deddog is also known to have cdex under the esteemed Colonel Greiss within the 2nd regiment. Catachans would prefer the Scout Sentinel over an Armoured Sentinel. On Catachanevery day is a battle to survive, requiring skill and courage only dreamed of on other worlds. Gunnery Sergeant Harker is the last Catachan character in the list, and some of the abilities he brings to a Veteran Squad really work with their theme. Report item – opens in a new window or tab. For their part, the Commissars do not take issue with the Catachans abilities as soldiers, they aren’t cowards or idlers, they are born killers, tough, ferocious and skilled – they just have no respect.


The Devil’s Clawnamed after the great predator on Catachan, is the longest weapon, up to four feet long. Have one to sell?

Concentrated sniper fire can throw enemy units into complete confusion, as the snipers are almost impossible to spot in the dense jungle canopy of the environments where the Catachans usually serve. It is closer to a sword actachan a knife and has achieved status among the Orks who call it ‘ Da Cutta’. However, a maverick pilot risked his life to go to the ruins and rescue any survivors. They often impregnate their bullets with toxins which give them a second chance at killing the enemy, if the bullet didn’t succeed then the poison probably will.

For this purpose Catachans often use shotguns, poisoned blades and even their bare hands to kill enemies.

Always Strikes First — Catachan Jungle Fighters

Please enter a valid postcode. Redeem your points Conditions for uk nectar points – opens in a new window or tab. Even a regular Catachan is genetically superior on a level that normal humans simply cannot match, making the Devils reputation even more impressive.

Also, it’s been said that it is this regiment that inducted the boy that would ocdex Guardsman Marbo. Elites Guardsman Marbo is a great special character and really adds an interesting element to a Catachan themed force. Troops An Infantry Platoon is a good choice ccodex you want to add in some snipers.

Because of this, Catachans have a well-deserved reputation as the deadliest jungle-warfare experts in the galaxy. Instead, you can take up to four sniper rifles in a Platoon Command Squad, or three sniper rifles in a Special Weapons Squad.

These snipers will take up a position for hours, even days before a battle just to find the perfect spot in the trees or amongst the roots and will conceal themselves fully before the enemy draws near. I believe the Catachan characters change the play style of the army a bit more than the Cadian ones do, so I would definitely recommend taking at least one if possible. This arrangement has stood for thousands of years, and though the Catachans bleed more than most for the Imperium, they would have it no other way.


The Catachans distrust Commissars, so although they could be included in the odd squad, an abundance of them and a Commissar Lord would be out of place. Seller information magicmayhemhobbies Imperial Guard Catachan Warhammer Theming.

Item description When making an order and when waiting for an order. Enemy commanders wise enough to observe their past mistakes quickly ccatachan to be wary of these and other tactics used by the wily Catachan Jungle Fighters, but even the best preparations can rarely withstand a sufficient volume of carefully placed high explosive.

The 6th Cobras [6] were notably deployed from the Battlecruiser Opus Dei.

Snipers from the regiment eliminated a prominent Tau leader, striking a critical blow to the alien’s morale. Learn More catavhan opens in a new window or tab Any international postage is paid in part to Pitney Bowes Inc. The Catachan 27th were stationed on the world Gerran prime to fight against the Necrons in The hardy Ogryns – who may well have evolved on Catachan themselves – commonly fight in Catachan regiments, indeed, due to their heavily developed physiques, normal human Catachans are sometimes referred to as “Baby Ogryns”.

The Catachan Jungle Fighters are the other widely-seen Imperial Guard force due to the availability of plastic models.