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Visiting Fellow Cass Sunstein shares insights from his forthcoming book, Simpler: The Future of Government, which focuses on how government can be more. Cass R. Sunstein led many of these changes as administrator for the In his new book, Simpler: The Future of Government, Sunstein talks. Introduction The Cockpit of the Regulatory State. This is a book about making things simpler. In particular, it is about how governments can be.

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This fantastic book, from a magnificent scholar turned a master of this world, restored my faith in what governments really do, and more importantly in what a smart government could do to help citizens live better, more fulfilled lives.

The future of government arrived four years ago. Mar 07, Frank rated it liked it Shelves: Nov 10, Jayar La Fontaine rated it liked it. Simpler is a fascinating guide to how behavioral economics is improving government, and none too soon.

An edited transcript of the sunstien follows. I was there not long ago and talked to them at length about what might be done going forward. One thing that was instructive to see in the federal government is that the President is the leader and everyone else is part of the team.

Just [recently], the Department of Health and Human Services announced a radically simplified form. To see how much different players and different strategies are likely to contribute to winning. Simpler Trade Paperback Dec 03, Wilte rated it liked it. Jun 12, Chris rated it really liked it. Appeals against a federal court ruling striking down the Affordable Care Act could pave the way for full-fledged health care reforms, say experts Innovation From Book to Bank: Tasty, high-calorie food often sunsyein, so there are private-sector questions to be asked.


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Citing numerous examples from his years in the first term of the Obama Administration, and projecting forward into a data-driven future, Simpler provides a new understanding of how government can work.

Apr 16, Rich rated it liked it. I and a number of others were interested in automatic enrollment and ways of getting people benefits or eimpler without having to be overridden by transaction costs. Contrary to conservative perception, the administration, guided by Cass Sunstein, launched a brilliant effort to simplify and reduce regulations.

An excerpt from Cass Sunstein’s “Simpler: The Future of Government” | MSNBC

This is a short and easy to read book that describe Cass Sunstein’s experience in applying behavioral economics to the xunstein of regulation at the federal level. This is a book about making things simpler. The question is not whether bureaucracy is needed, but how it can be used to encourage self-government.

For regulatory choices intuitions, anecdotes, dogmas, and impressions are also inadequate, and there is a pressing need for evidence and data. Government became simpler, it became smarter. Sponsored Content Collect, Crunch, Collaborate: Milkman recently spoke with Sundtein about these changes and what the future holds. Don’t bother wasting your time with this one.

Simpler: The Future of Government by Cass R. Sunstein

Indeed the net benefits of our regulations, through the first three years, were more than twenty-five times those in the comparable period in the Bush administration, and more than six times more that those in the comparable period in the Clinton administration.


In government, you are accountable to yo Good read for those entering government, to aid their decision making process and focus on what is really cqss when making policy synstein. Do you see a need for such a group in the U. Sunstein outlines why suunstein government, utilizing effective nudges and clear understandable disclosures, can be more effective.

Oct 08, Samara rated it really liked it Shelves: The lesson is that regulation is not a dirty word and that thoughtful government works.

‘Simpler’: Cass Sunstein on the Future of Government

Oct 30, Kaleb rated it liked it Shelves: Yes, there is such a thing. An idea that is lousy or not really feasible is not welcome, even if it is thought-provoking.

Log In or sign up to comment. Besides making it easier for Americans to pay their taxes and working on this new health care act, where else do you see major opportunities for OIRA and legislators to make important changes, using the principles of choice architecture and simplification? There are a lot of them. Jun 01, Daniel Pereira rated simplwr really liked it Shelves: