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Candy AQ DF – Washing Machines – Freestanding. Washer Candy Aquamatic DF. Technical Features We load capacity kg. Spin speed rpm. INSTRUCTION MANUAL. Welcome to the instruction book section. Here you can view and download product instruction books in PDF Format. To view the PDF. Technical characteristics of the washing machine. Installation, freestanding. Download Type, Front. Maximum load of laundry, kg. Drying, no. Management.

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Press the button once to activate it h00 appears on the display and then press it again to set a 1 hour delay h01 appears on the display ; the pre-set delay increases by 1 hour each time the button is pressed, until h24 appears on the display, at which point pressing the button again will reset the delay start to zero.

Press and hold the button for 5 seconds until the display will show the settings for the programme selected. Sie finden dort wichtige Hinweise zur sicheren Installation, zur Bedienung, zur Pflege und zur optimalen Verwendung der Waschmaschine.

Durante il trasporto non appliance exposed to atmospheric agents rain, sun etc. Non rimontare i 2 tiranti B! Tolga il cartone di protezione. Keep this booklet in a safe place for further consultation.

It is better to connect the discharge hose to a fixed outlet of a diameter greater than that of the outlet tube and at a height of min. Riportare il selettore programmi in posizione OFF. Ne pas laisser la machine alimentazione, o l’apparecchio stesso, per staccare la spina dalla presa di corrente.


Check that the machine has not incurred damage during transport.

Traditional ovens and hobs, refrigerators and freezers. On delivery, check that the following are included with the machine: Contact a qualified electrician if this is not the case.

Candy Aqua 1000DF Manuals

I vecchi tubi di carico non devono essere riutilizzati. Ask your local retailer for the complete catalogue of Candy products. Remonter le couvercle en le fixant par les 2 vis A. Si assicuri che l’impianto elettrico sia provvisto di messa a terra in caso contrario richieda l’intervento di personale qualificato.

Ist die Zeit abgelaufen, startet das Programm automatisch.

IT Livelli la macchina con i piedini anteriori. The load is washed in a much larger quantity of water and this, together with the new combined action of the drum rotation cycles, where water is filled and 10000, will give you garments which have been cleaned and rinsed to perfection. Avoid this where possible. La Candy correda tutte le sue macchine di messa a terra.

Rimontare il coperchio, fissandolo con le fandy viti A. All information such as file size, preview picture, category manual, model and more, you can find below. Impostare il programma desiderato.

Washing machine Candy Aquamatic 1000 DF.

Please read this booklet carefully as it provides important csndy lines for safe installation, use and maintenance and some useful advise for best results when using your washing machine. Ziehen Sie den Stecker immer am Stecker selbst aus der Steckdose. The old aquamtaic should not be reused. Per impostare la partenza ritardata procedere nel seguente modo: Candy is also able to offer a vast range of other household appliances: Achtung, die beiden Bolzen B nicht mehr montieren!


Porti la macchina vicino al luogo di utilizzo senza il basamento dell’imballo. Per l’eventuale riparazione si rivolga solamente a un centro di Assistenza Tecnica Candy e richieda l’utilizzo di ricambi originali. Entfernen Sie die Schutzabdeckung aus Pappe. Set the required programme. Pendant le transport ne sollevi mai dalle manopole o aquamwtic cassetto del detersivo. Svitare le 2 viti superiori A e togliere il coperchio, sfilandolo in orizzontale.

Candy Aquamatic DF ´╗┐Washing Machine Photo, Characteristics

Falls erforderlich den mitgelieferten starren Rohrbogen benutzen. Viene aumentata l’acqua in lavaggio per ottenere la perfetta dissoluzione del detersivo, garantendo un’efficace azione pulente.

Extreme care should be taken if extension leads are used in bathrooms or shower rooms. All Candy appliances are earthed. Do not use aquamatix appliance when bare-footed. Ensure that the knob is on the “OFF” position and the load door is closed Brancher la prise.