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Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. In , a mysterious, egg-shaped artifact is discovered on Camouflage – Kindle edition by Joe Haldeman. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note. Where Camouflage rises above its swipes is in Joe Haldeman’s crisp and witty writing. But Camouflage is primarily the changeling’s story, from the day it rises. Near-future aliens-among-us yarn, from the author of Forever Free (), etc.

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One, known as the changeling, has been on Earth millions of years, assuming every identity from shark to human being, and slowly learning to love.

There can only be one Both are looking for others who are also not local Also, if an alien artefact transmutes all the plutonium in a reactor into lead presumably, also taking away the surplus electronsthe reactor will not stop producing power within a millisecond; it has to cool down. Here’s a free sample — the title story “None So Blind”. This is the essential problem with the book — there is so much backstory, world-building, and character introduction that not much space is spent on plot development or the interaction of the characters.

Possibly a good airplane read, but I doubt I’ll remember it in a year.

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However, it knew it was different and sought information about its origin. And why are drawn to each other in what seems must be a confrontation that will wipe caomuflage or the other out? Each of these stories is interesting in its own right, although Camouflage is less developed than the others.


It spent thousands of years as microscopic organisms in the sea where it landed and left its ship. The title should be at least 4 characters long. The ‘Chameleon’ alien, meanwhile, much more skilled at blending in, thanks to a very long career in atrocity going back centuries, has found a place for itself in the Third Reich, finding a like mind in Joseph Mengele. We have two alternating timelines, showing how these shapeshifters have moved throughout human history, often causing legends of resurrection like Jesus Christ to arise, but always adopting new bodies to remain camouflaged, simply mimicking human behaviors to preserve anonymity.

Scifi published or earlier shapeshifting creature in seaside town kills someone takes their place later prefers being a female human. In the best tradition of ‘hard’ sf, Haldeman mixes scientific speculation with purely human ‘what if? Far from escapist, Haldeman’s art provides a devastating retrospective of a particularly black time in American history.

Camouflage by Joe Haldeman | : Books

Basically, there are two more or less immortal aliens living on Earth. The story takes some decidedly strange turns, but remains a fascinating exploration of our very worst characteristics, benefiting from Haldeman’s talent for vicious fictional violence. Apr 26, Robert rated it liked it Shelves: We were here first.

And yet, there is something within the changeling that always calls it back to the sea. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

They try to open it, but can’t. One has lived in the ocean, passing time as a great white shark, a killer whale and a dolphin until he she? The humans are all forgettable.


A million years prior to the dawn of Homo sapienstwo immortalshapeshifting aliens roam the Earth with little memory of their origin or their purpose. Also, the c It was great right up until the end, where it felt like the author just decided he was tired of all the intrigue and just killed the book with a contrived showdown that was the most predictable ending that could have taken place.

The dichotomy would have been nice had it been better developed, but the second alien gets very little time and character development.


I feel that I should have guessed how the ending would play out but I didn’t. A mysterious object, found in the depths of the Pacific, guards its secrets from the scientists who have discovered it. Published August by Ace first published August But they are not of the same race.

Daedalus Mission, Book Two. You can remove the unavailable item s now or we’ll automatically remove it at Checkout. How many people recommend it to friends as a great science-fiction book? Neither one knows haldfman the other, nor has either’s existence yet been revealed to humanity.

It also has an insatiable thirst for knowledge.