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Elegua is said to be present everywhere and at all times. Because of this Eleggua has many aspects or “caminos” (roads) each encapsulating a different area he. Caminos de Elegua. Elegua Abaile. Elegua Afrá. Elegua Agbanukué [Agbanuké]. Elegua Akéru. Elegua Agongo Ogo. Elegua Akesan. Elegua Alá Le Ilú. Elegua. Caminos. Eleggua has twenty-one different roads. It is important to make the distinction between Eshu and Eleggua. These are both.

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No puedo dejar de dar gracias a JAJA.

Ahi fue donde el santero me presento, con Elegua. It could be that Oya is his mother. Their Language Fernando Ortiz writes as follows Elgua, Twitter Facebook Google LinkedIn. Like in the Oru seco every Orisha is saluted in a more or less fixed order. La Lubanche is another groove that can only be played for Eleggua.

Before I can start writing about Caminoos in Vodou, it is important to know some basic characteristics about the Haitian religion. What is an Orisha?

They are half a tone higher than the open sound. In Vodou the light of the sun is a regenerative life force. There are 24 salutes to the Orishas. I only wrote down the most basic form, because that is the first to be learnt.


Yoruba speakers have three basic pitches and glide between them. Una mujer en vestido blanco tiene toalla blanca en vez de cara.

Eleggua – Oscar van Dillen

Iya is, as noted before, the mother. Now the actual ceremony can start. The younger, child-like roads of Eleggua are typically offered wrapped candies and toys, while eleua older roads might enjoy hard candies, toasted corn or popcorn. This melody has a part that produces tension Iya and one, who is resolving this tension Itotele.

There exist just too many and what I wanted to show are some different orders of songs that all match with the same grooves.

5 ofrendas a Elegua para el dinero que le encantarán

The songs that are sung with this groove are prayers, called rezos. Once again, this order is not always respected, but there are only few changes. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. Mainly, when played, the first part of La Topa is the longest. En varias ocasiones me has contestado de forma precisa y oportuna la cual te lo agradesco de acocan. Oludumare was sick and in bed. Quiero informar a todos ustedes que hay un hechicero que es real y genuino.

It exist some traditional conversations, but the number of conversations that are new inventions is huge. The only metal used on sacred Bata drums is a ring on the cha-cha side of each Bata. He was delighted to see that two best friends could fight about something as ridiculous as the colour of a hat and ruining their friendship like that. Short history of Santeria In the chapter below you will find information about how and where Santeria developed.


Eleggua » Santeria Church of the Orishas

First you will find general information on different kinds of grooves and songs. S de estados unidos. At this moment I am living both in Rotterdam and Luxembourg.

Below you find a description of every part. What is his role, and what are his main characteristics? Several versions of the Yoruba myth of origin exist, of which the most popular revolve around a figure named Oduduwa.

Depending on the pitch, one word can have many different meanings. If you change from Yanvalou to Zepol or Mahi, you use the call for that particular rhythm instead of the break. This musical figure is played to change from one rhythm to another.