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Demetrius, one of the stars of the story was down played in the movie, which disappointed me. Douglas whisked me to the hills of Cana in a pair of dusty sandals and dropped down in the middle of the sunny, baren hills with an Art History professor whispering into my ear.

Critics held that his type of fiction was in the tradition of the great religious writings of an earlier generation, such as, Ben-Hur and Quo Vadis. What I believe, what I should do about it, and how I should live my life.

Jul 09, Emily rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I had a vague recollection of an old movie I’d seen when I was growing up, camaasa didn’t know “The Robe” was based on an actual book. I never thought about the first years of Christianity and how it grew luj a religion after Jesus died. Douglasand, WOW!

It is a story of one man’s quest to find truth in a corrupted world and his transformation from a skeptic to a believer, so in a sense it is a psychological and emotional character study of the protagonist Marcellus, a Roman officer. When he spoke of long treks through the desert and chaparral parts of Judea, my throat felt as parched as those of the men.

Want to Read saving…. His written works were of a moral, didactic, camasa lui hristos distinctly religious tone.


Books by Lloyd C. I also found it hard to believe the plot line of the robe. Aug 20, Misfit rated it it was amazing.

Translation of “camasa lui” in English

Except for the dusty sandals part. During the crucifixion, he takes the Robe that Jesus wore. If you’ve just finished chronologically reading through the Bible, read this next. Something the movie got totally wrong was Marcellus’s relationship camaas his slave Demetrius.

Since this book is so long and so repetitious, I’d stick with the audio version to make things sail along faster. The wonderful writing of Douglas shows through every encounter and conversation in the book. I had already started it when I discovered Douglas was a minister. The setting was so vivid that I felt like I had been there myself. Learn more about Amazon Prime. The characters were all very well developed. Everyone in need of something. I was pleased to discover that it has captured my interest and imagination.

Marcellus turns out to be a Roman Tribune, the senior Roman soldier present on scene at the execution site.

The characters of Demetrius and Marcellus were extremely well-developed I admit, I fell a little in love with Demetriusand the story itself was powerful and seemed to be going somewhere. On the one hand, there are some moments in the story with real pathos and heart–but on the other, the narrative is a bit rambling, and seems to cut off suddenly rather than end. This is not my real review, just a rant until I get out of my depression.

OK, take a look at his shirt.

Marcellus Gallio is the son of a senator and a tribune sent to Minoa to command t Read. Almost half of the book is a masturbatory Jesus lovefest. I read my Bible, God’s Word, every day Most of the timesometimes it seems like I really can’t relate to the people and stories that I read in it and I feel distant from them.


Camasa Lui Cristos: : Books

It’s Sunday School Pablum for Adults. Demetrius seems to be as much a main character as Marcellus, but then he quite uli disappears for whole sections. Full of faith, love, and adventure, this book has it all.

They felt like real people.

People of any creed should be able to enjoy that. He witnessed the crucifixion of Jesus red-handed, llui among those casting lots and won Jesus’ robe. Episodes are repeated over and over and over again in order to drive home the point that Jesus Was Special and the Answer to Everything. Recommended for adults and teens who enjoy classics.

Camasa lui : proza scurta

No one–first book I every purchased cents, btw. The characters in The Robe were as real as my neighbors, my classmates, the girl down the street. Published April 7th by Mariner Books first published October The heat of the explosion fused something onto his shirt. The people decide to release a murderer instead of letting this Jesus of Nazareth go–supposedly innocent of the charges against him.

A Christian reader will find both their faith and their imagination invigorated by it, while a secular reader might gain a new perspective on the faith, in a sweeping historical novel with lively characters and deep, thorough world-building.

And when his mind is restored, he is filled with an insatiable hunger to know more of Jesus.

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