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The Calpurnia aurea is a multi-stemmed shrub or small, graceful tree with a light, open crown. The tree normally grows to a height of 2 – 4 m. Synonyms: Calpurnia lasiogyne E. Mey. Calpurnia subdecandra (L’Hér.) Schweick. Podalyria aurea (Aiton) Willd. Robinia subdecandra L’Hér. Plant Morphology: Growth Form: Large shrub or small tree growing m tall in the open or m in forests. Foliage: Odd-pinnate compound leaves (20 cm.

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Half-hardy The plant is able to survive low temperatures and some frost but requires protection against severe frost.

Will broken stems shoot new roots? Plant them together, in at least some shade and in a convenient proximity to the house so that grey water can be utilised during times of drought. Ideal for the protection of herbaceous plants. The name aurea means golden Latinsylvatica means growing amongst trees Latin.

Container Trees, shrubs and ornamental species that can adapt to growing in uarea restricted environment. Evergreen Plants that have leaves callurnia year round. Click on an image to enlarge it. Rock Garden An area constructed of larger rocks, arranged naturally, to emphasise the use of stones as a main element.


In South Africa, calpurnia leaves and powdered roots are used to destroy lice and to relieve itches. Attracts Calournia This plant will attract birds. Partial Shade The area is in shade for part of the day and in full sun for part of the day. It also occurs northwards into tropical Africa as far as Ethiopia, and in calpugnia India.

Calpurnia aurea Aiton Benth. Grow it in sun or semi-shade, although a plant in full sun will produce more flowers. Leave A Comment Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

Calpurnea aurea

The leaves are compound, up to 20cm long, each having pairs of leaflets and a terminal one. Easily raised from seed, the wild laburnum flowers at two years old and is easy to maintain, benefitting from light pruning. Ummm Hi Carra My apologies for having taken so long to reply to your comment.

Plant the right caalpurnia For those of you who have a clay problem try: Filler Either a fast growing tree or shrub used temporarily to fill in an area while the permanent plants grow to a desired size, or a plant used to fill area in borders or beds. It is still in that same bag of soil.

Prick out soon after the first calprunia of true leaves have developed – taking care not to damage the taproot. Calpurnia is easily raised from seed sown in spring or early summer. Recent Blog Comments Hi Clare. Fast Specifying growth rate can be very misleading as there is considerable variation of growth rate depending on type and species of plant, available water, supplementary feeding, mulching and general care, as well as the plants suitability and adaptability to the garden environment.


Are you quite sure you have uploaded the correct image?

Calpurnia aurea – The Gardener

Thank you for your answer. In Ethiopia it is used to treat stomach complaints, headache, cslpurnia diseases, amoebic dysentery, scabies and as an insecticide.

Cape laburnum; Wild laburnum. Notify me when new comments are posted. Fruit and flowers are often found on the tree at the same time.

Juglans regia — Common walnut — English walnut. It’s fast-growing and flowers when young, calpugnia excellent shrub or small tree for the garden. Did birds perhaps bring the seeds to my garden?

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