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Caldera Pirotubular Aquellas donde la transferencia de calor se efectúa por el paso de los gases calientes de la combustión a través de tubos. PARTES PRINCIPALES DE LA CALDERA ACCESORIO DE SEGURIDAD CAMARA DE AGUA Y DE VAPOR MEJORAS La mejora propuesta a. Caldera Pirotubular – Download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides online. Partes de la caldera.

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The boiler has a wet chamber completely surrounded and cooled by water.

Over time, thanks to the technical mastery of cylindrical shapes, improvements have been made to all the possible combinations between heating surfaces and gas and water circulation in order to take the greatest advantage of the heat from fuels. Contact Us Send Feedback. Combustion occurs and is completed inside the furnace which is completely surrounded and cooled by water.

They are fastened by screws designed to prevent them from seizing up due to the temperature. Feel free to download technical papers for this product: By Ethernet port is connect the computer for the supervisory of the process by the software of the supervisions and acquisitions of information Vista Plantscape R The exhaust fumes travel back through the furnace itself before entering the bundle of tubes to make maximum use of the heat and finally being vented into the atmosphere via the smokestack.

The boiler has a manhole at the top and inspection hatches on the front and back to enable the inspections and cleaning tasks necessary to keep the inside of the boiler in good condition. Legal notice and data protection Responsive web developed by Barbitania.


The principle of the tubular hearth boiler is the oldest and most traditional applied in the construction of steam boilers. This boiler has an inspection opening and gas handhole to the rear that opens automatically in the event of excess pressure in the furnace because it is designed as an escape valve if gas builds up inside the furnace.

In the Ecuadorian industrial park the most industries there are not automated this process, many use a mechanical system for control and regulate the air damper modulation and fuel, the main object capdera free the air and fuel actuator and reduce the fuel consumption of the combustion.

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calderx For maximum performance, in the evolution of the design of firetube boilers, gas flues have been added, leading to the development of two, three and even four-flue boilers. Fire-proof materials are not required on the back, resulting in higher performance and lower costs and maintenance. The application of any caldeera these depends on different factors, such as: The front and back of the boiler are fitted with hatches allowing access to the flues.

Show simple item record dc. The present study is based in the combustion controls in boilers, has been developed an automation design, for a part of the process, as the system of combustion controls, used for the steam production in the field industrial.


Caldera Pirotubular UIS – video dailymotion

Este sitio web utiliza cookies para que usted tenga la mejor experiencia de usuario. Once they are removed, the hatches are held in place by revolving hinges that make inspections and any necessary cleaning quick and easy. In the automation is used the Hybrid Controller HC Honeywell, this have the ports rs and Ethernet, in the first is connect a flame safety control, this send the information about the ignition of the ca,dera of the boiler. These boilers are installed horizontally, with three flues, internal hearth and rear refrigerated hearth chamber.

Of these, the three-flue version is the one that has spread most worldwide due to both the high performance achieved and to its great versatility, the key to its application in almost all processes where high reliability together with high energy efficiency is required.

Some features of this site may not work without it. For the implementation of the control combustion, is used industrial instrumentation with signal mA as pressure transmitters, flow transmitters, oxygen analyzer, temperature transmitter, and electrical actuators.

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