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Tags: Benigno S. Aquino III, Laws, Liberalization of Philippine Cabotage, Republic Acts. S. No. H. No. Republic of the Philippines. Considering the cost of operating ships in the Philippines, a shipping if the government is to revoke the cabotage policy and therefore allow. The Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) is pushing via a draft bill the easing of the Philippines’ cabotage law by allowing foreign flag vessels.

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Sometime ago, the Maritime Industry Authority Marinawhen asked to comment on the proposal to repeal the law, expressed apprehension that the country may go the way of Indonesia whose local shipping industry nearly collapsed after foreigners were allowed to engage in coastwise transportation.

Implementing rules and regulations for amended Cabotage Law released

From Theory to Applications. The air transport meaning is attested in Speaker of the House of Representatives Sgd. Retrieved 26 December Views Read Edit View history. The Hague—Visby Rulesa convention which imposes duties on maritime carriers, apply only to “carriage of goods by sea between ports in two different states”, and thus do not apply to cabotage shipping. Cabotage laws apply to merchant ships in most countries that have a coastline so as to protect the domestic shipping industry from foreign competition, preserve domestically owned shipping infrastructure for national security purposes, and ensure safety in congested territorial waters.

No foreign vessel shall be allowed to carry any domestic cargo or domestic container van, whether loaded or empty, even if such domestic container van may contain foreign cargo. Funding free tuition is now his problem.


Certain phiilppines operate services within a foreign country without the right to carry local traffic. To find out more, please click this link. This unusual regime is partly due to Chile’s geographical need for air service, and partly to incentivize liberalization in other countries amid the international expansion of its flag carrier LATAM Chilewhich now has major operations in many other Latin American countries.

For the history of cabotage in UK law, see Navigation Acts. Aquino III signed in July last year the amendments to the Cabotage Law which is expected to help cut logistics cost and ease restrictions, allowing foreign ships to transport, import or export cargo directly to and from any local port other than the Port of Manila.

BusinessWorld | Implementing rules and regulations for amended Cabotage Law released

Aboitiz unit cited for environmental compliance. Cabotage rights remain rare in passenger aviation. And like all other businesses, the additional financial burden is invariably philipppines on to or shouldered by the consumers. Most countries do not permit aviation cabotage, and there are strict sanctions against it, for reasons of economic protectionismnational securityor public safety.

For instance, Qantas operates service between New York and Los Angeles solely for use by cabbotage connecting passengers. Carriers licensed under EU law are permitted to engage in cabotage in any EU member lhilippines, with some limitations.

Those in favor of repealing the law argue that the entry of foreign vessels in domestic shipping would upgrade the quality of shipping facilities and, with the attendant efficiency, bring down transportation costs. Outside of the cases mentioned above, retail trade remains exclusively in the hands of Filipino citizens. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Palace provides relief to NDC on dividends. Economy By Tanya Mae B.


Certain tonnages or passenger load factors may be reserved to local vessels. Philippinnes “modified sixth freedom ” refers to the right to carry passengers between two points in country A through a hub in country B; for instance, a Boston-Toronto-Seattle itinerary.

This could result in the closure of shipping companies and, in the process, displace thousands of Filipino workers. Section 8 of the IRR states that an empty foreign container van going to or coming from any Philippine port or foreign port shall be allowed to load or co-load from any port in the Philippines. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. With the changes in the global economy, this law is clearly behind the times.

Cabotage – Wikipedia

Retrieved from ” https: Webarchive template webcite links. Its ultimate origin is uncertain. Japan Federation of Coastal Shipping Associations.

In —, the United States Department of Transportation authorized Polynesian Airlines to provide temporary cabotage service in American Samoa after the existing US flag carrier ceased operations, one of very few instances where the US has granted cabotage rights in an emergency. Allowing foreign vessels to consolidate their cargo while plying domestic waters will help reduce the domestic shipping and logistics costs, which will enhance the competitiveness of our exporters.

The objective and scope of the Cabotage Law may be likened to those of Republic Actor Retail Trade Nationalization Act, which gave to Filipino citizens the exclusive right to engage in retail trade.